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Warning: Only #FFFFFF beyond this point!

“Ohhh fucking shite.”

~ Brad

“YEAH, THINK YER HARD ENOUGH? FUCKYA! MATE! C'MON IF YER HARD ENOUGH ... ooer, he's coming over here.”

~ Codeine, safe in Mediocre Britain

The WN Wiki, or White Nationalist Wiki, or the WiKKKi, is a wiki, kind of like the one you are on now, but instead of being aimed at humor, it is aimed more at the National Socialist German Workers Party. There is speculation that they are also Pedophiles who restrict access to creating new accounts to people they know to make sure that only their most trusted people get access to the highest quality kiddy Porn on the web. They also have been called the KKK v2.1, but the administrator of the site refuses to comment.

They maintain strongly that they are White NATIONALISTS and NOT White SUPREMACISTS, although their entire wiki is plagued with "vandalism" changing their neutral Nationalist views into extreme Supremacist views. The Administrator is powerless against these special types of vandalism.

The original WNWiki greeting banner. The slogan above the gate reads "The Free Encyclopedia that any Aryan can edit, when they evolve thumbs!"
One of the various groups of experts commonly turned to on WN-Wiki. Woody Allen (right) is one of the more respected experts in this group.


Their goal is, in one way, similar to Uncyclopedia's, in that they strive to be fact-free, although they believe themselves to be quite factual in nature. Their motto is, as some claim, a rip off of the Microsoft motto ("A computer on every desk in every home"): A bullet in every head on every non-white shoulder.


They are a community purely of intellectuals, and spend most of their time agreeing on world-changing issues such as whether or not the 'J' in Jew should be capitalized. They, like Wikipedia, turn to outside sources on more controversial subjects. For example, in the case of Holocaust Revisionism, they turn to the experts in unbiased racial consideration. They are firmly convinced that what they do is correct and that they are proceeding in the best of good faith. Assume good faith!

It is possible that the WN Wiki community actually represents hum computer-operating lifeforms of lower complexity than those on that other reprehensible wiki, but this will undoubtedly require scientific testing. Maybe a cage match. Popcorn concession to go to the Chron's New Ferrari fund.

Accusations of Vandalism[edit]

What happened?[edit]

Somebody set them up the bomb.

On Friday March 3, 2006, this innocent group of peace-loving, thoughtful, mature, racist homophobic scumbags were the target of completely unjustified vandalism aimed at the Supremacist remarks on the site, themselves the product of "vandalism". Ordinarily, this would not be worth mentioning: White Supr Nationalist wikis are vandalized all the time by the confused and misunderstanding public.

However, they lashed out at Uncyclopedia, claiming that we were responsible for the vandalism. I, for one, think this is totally outrageous. Uncyclopedia is for mature individuals. Who among us would be so childish to stoop so low as to vandalize and censor the wiki of harmless White Nationalists already plagued by Supremacist vandalism? Codeine and Brad? These two users, particularly Codeine, were actually not vandalizing the wiki. By putting Goatse and other gay porn images on the articles, Codeine was, quite literally and in every sense of the word, improving the value of those articles.

Besides, Jesus told him to. And he's a goddamn Jew.

Go Klan Go!


Nevertheless, the admin of WN-Wiki did not appreciate the improvements, and proceeded to rollback the database, restrict access of creating new accounts (although it has been argued that this is due to the secret kiddy porn stash hidden on the site), give Bradaphraser and Codeine their own category, and label Bradaphraser as a "Jew" without any previous knowledge to back it up. (Although, as Godwin's Law states: "On a Nazi forum, as a thread progresses, the probability of someone calling someone else a Jew approaches one.") In an attempt to hopelessly mimic Uncyclopedia, they also devised the dry and subtle alias of Bradafag for Brad. The category into which Codeine was placed (Anti-White Individual) has raised several self-hate problems for him.

WN-Wiki threatened to sue the individuals responsible, after having taken the time to trace them. This legal theory is absolutely bulletproof because:

• They would be hypocrites not to consider calling Brad a Jew (or jew, as they would have it) libel.
• The quotes cannot be found anywhere on the QDB.
• Juries don't like racist fucktards.

The two users in question, Codeine and Brad, were immediately posted on Uncyclopedia's ban patrol, but, due to a strange phenomenon, it never came to happen.


WN Wiki is presently down - apparently the Elders of Zion got wind of it and got the founder fired from his job so he could no longer afford the hosting. Bastards!

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