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I am the very model of a crazy fundamentalist

My modus operandi ain't one of the very gentle -est

I'll rant and shout, my venom spout in terms uncategorical

'Cause I can't tell the Earth from Hell or real from allegorical


I try to stop all equal op-portunity for woman-kind

That's not to say I'm really a misogynist, just dumb-an'-blind

My arguments don't make much sense to anyone who's logical

And scientists? Well, they can kiss my astrotheological


Yes scientists, they can go kiss his astrotheological

Yes he will diss the scientists in language scatological

He'll take the piss of scientists by speaking loads of dodgy bull


I'll damn to hell the Infidel for such is my propensity

For demagogues I'll sin, agog, whipped up so very frenziedly

Of over-hyped sub-mental types, you'd say that I'm the mental-est

I am a quite fanatical religious fundamentalist


Of all the very mental types, damn right he is the mental-est

A really sick and fanatic religious fundamentalist


I only look at holy books - God's word shall fill my cranium

Inside my mind all you will find's a tal-muddled Koranium

I often gloat that it is wrote in language so poetical

If you imply it's not, then I denounce you as heretical


When burning flags and burning fags my pulse-rate is a-quickening

But bodies bare and turbanned hair I find extremely sikhening

Can't be denied that suicide in God's name is worth trying for

And half a gross (an overdose) of virgins is worth dying for


Yes, half a gross an overdose of virgins is worth dying for

He's ne'er been close to half a gross of virgins and he's dying for

An overdose of being gross with virgins that he's dying for


I have to hate the apostate because my cleric says it's planned

There's no excuse, one's faith to lose and anyone who does is damned

And therefore I will always try extremely to prevent all this

I'm not a very moderate religious fundamentalist


We think that he is so silly in trying to prevent all this

He is, we state, immoderate religious fundamentalist


If I could take on real debate not simply quoting holy texts

Or now and then show indepen-dent thought not the same ol' pretexts

If I'd admit it isn't lit-eral described infernal fires

If I could show I really know God's will and not my own desires

If I'd not rant, be tolerant and never more proselytise

That atheists and gay-theists are Satanism in disguise

If I were sane, using my brain for cogitating, mentally

You'd say this fundamentalist had altered fundamentally


If he were sane, using his brain - yes altered fundamentally

Let us explain less mental pain - he would be changed hindubitably

No more "deranged", he would be changed so very fundamentally


But I extol the wholly hol-y - I'm a quite repelling pest

I think the rule should be in school for regular gos-spelling tests

And in the streets you'll hear me preach, my views the very sensiblest

I am a very biased and relig-i-ous fundamentalist


And in the streets you'll hear him preach, his views the reprehensiblest

He's, as we said, a bigoted religious fundamentalist

Sadly, despite being rather catchy, Osama Bin Laden and Fred Phelps' foray into the music industry was a complete failure.

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