UnPoetia:Ode to Jimbo

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The reason why we made this poem.
In the desperate wilderness of winter,
A man came with a truck,
Sent from God himself,
To save humanity, fuck!
Who is this man?
Asked Osama.
He's sexy!!!
Replied Obama.
Where did he go,
Where did he went?
But he fucked up preety
Those bitches, completely
He's name is Jimbo, said Jesus,
As the man walked towards me,
To ask for a joint.
But, did he have another point?
Oh Jimbo! You're our lord,
You're our king,
There's a knowledge you bring,
To Wikipedophiles all around.
Fuck you, man, Jimbo,
You're so great,
You're so great,
We just can't wait.
For you, my lord,
To bring us a Holocaust,
To brings us Hell,
With your smell.