UnPoetia:Had I Not

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Not so long ago,
'Bout a sunrise and sunset's time,
That I saw a 'gal,
Dapper, yet foul. Or just a whore.
Dapper, yet foul,
For she had the brains of a dime!

Yet as I thought, 'What hurt could she be?'
I ran across the street,
I was thrown,
To the pavement in front of me!

In confusion and haze, I woke from my daze
To find her in utter disgust.
I looked down at my leg,
Which was shattered I'll say,
I had been hit by an ice cream truck!

She ran to my aid,
Grabbed my leg,
And proceeded to gently rub.
I couldn't help myself,
Nor correct myself,
My dick rose like a glove!

Next thing I knew,
After it grew,
She asked if I was okay.
I smiled a bit,
'This gal's dumb as shit!'
And responded, 'Just go away.'

In an awkward response,
After a pause,
She told me to eat shit and die,
She stepped on my leg,
The nurse. She's a real bitch.
I spat in her face,
And I passed out without a try.

That was then, now I'm awake,
Staring up at this light.
I hate the nurse,
But it could be worse,
I could've been born a fly.

Now I'm alone,
Sweaty and cold,
Crippled and covered in blood.
'Well I'm a genius,'
I said to my penis,
'Just you and me now, bud.'