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24 July 2023

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ORLANDO, Florida -- Former and possibly future American president Donald Trump will launch a new game show, whose working title is Checks or Chinos. Participants will have to guess what is inside one of his boxes taken from the White House. They can win a check to donate to Donald Trump in person or acquire a pair of his unwashed pants.

"This is the greatest game in the world, created by your greatest president," said Trump. "In my collection of personal effects from my interrupted career as your leader, I, Donald Trump can guarantee that anyone can play this game after a suitable donation to a just cause. Namely, me."

How the game will actually work is unclear, but everyone who attends a rally for Trump will receive an invitation to join the Republican Party.

"This will be the greatest game since baseball," continued Trump. "It requires no skills, just dumb luck. So subscribe. Losers will receive a copy of Hunter Biden's dirty home videos."