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19 July 2010

Mel Gibson taking up his daily walking with his dog exercise routine in Hollywood California. The guns are for shooting Hippies, Liberals, Jewish People, African-Americans, Homosexuals, Ginger People, and other evil people he blames for the problems in the world.

HOLLYWOOD, California -- Twitter is full of rumors Mel Gibson died, but maybe it is only wishful thinking?

Mel Gibson is dead! Dead? Yeah dead! ORLY? No O'Reilly! We cannot verify it yet, but the rumors keep coming in. Everyone loves the fact that Mel Gibson could be dead. There was much celebration and joy in the world. As people threw "We're glad he's dead!" parties and President Obama made July 19th a national holiday called "Mel Gibson Day" to celebrate all he did to help Obama get elected by ranting racist slurs against him, thus making the Republicans look even worse than they actually are.

Ask Abe Vigoda about the many times people thought he was dead. Twitter is the best way to spread a rumor that someone has died even if they didn't. Nobody knows this more than him.

“Twitter users are smucks!”

~ Abe Vigoda on Calling people who are alive as dead because they don't like them.

Was Mel Gibson alive or dead, we tried to call him but he did not answer his phone. His daughter did and said he was just passed out on the lawn, and she dragged him inside to sleep off another alcoholic binge and another racist rant because he was drunk. This time he blamed the white people for all the problems in the world. But was she telling the truth or like the Beatles did when Paul died, found a person that looked like Paul to replace him?

Mel Gibson doing some racist rants.

Some say he committed suicide, but Mel would not go out that way, not "Braveheart" not "The Road Warrior: Mad Max".

Did some of the people of the groups he did racist rants on find him and kill him? Hell no, they are the nicest people you ever met. Just wondering why Mel Gibson blamed them for all the troubles in the world. Some kind of conspiracy theory he had apparently made him think that based on some movie he did named "Conspiracy Theory" well this time Mr. Gibson we didn't forget the gravy!