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Mayor of poverty striken municipality launches lawsuit against province UnNews Logo Potato.png

7 December 2006

The mayor of Cape Breton, John Morgan, is suing the province for unequal funding.

Sydney, Nova Scotia (CP) - John Morgan, the mayor of Cape Breton is in the process of launching a lawsuit against the provincial Conservative government led by Premier and renouned fiddle player Rodney MacDonald. The lawsuit was first filed more than two years ago but the judge hasn't got around to hearing the case until now.

Residents of Glace Bay attempt to catch fish in Renwick Brook

When the lawsuit was originally filed, Nova Scotia was under the rule of John Hamm. Before filing the lawsuit, Morgan asked Hamm if he could increase funding to the impoverished island. Hamm allegedly told Morgan to "Frig off, no one cares about Cape Breton anyways, you're lucky you get anything you ungrateful bastard". When Morgan reminded him that it was Cape Breton who contributed to the wealth of Halifax, whose streets are paved with gold, when the coal mines and steel plant where running, Hamm said "Well that was then and this is now, you are no longer any use to us. Now get the fuck out of my palace". After being dismissed by the premier, Morgan filed his lawsuit. This annoyed Premier Hamm and the Conservative dynasty so he attempted to sabotage the election by funding a single candidate, paying off other potential candidates so they wouldn't run, and spreading propaganda against Morgan. The province said the Morgan was an anarchist, a troublemaker, and that there was no chance of him actually winning the lawsuit. The Cape Breton electorate didn't buy the propaganda and eagerly re-elected Mayor Morgan to a second term. The lack of funding to Cape Breton has now been ruled unconstitutional and a member of the opposition who only gave us his first name, Ricky, said that "There is probably a pretty good chance that Mayor Morgan might win his case against the government".

More provincial funding would hopefully improve life drastically on this impoverished island. Cape Breton has been in economic decline since the 1950s and the situation reached a crisis when the last mines closed in the 1990s. Unemployment stands at over 80% and even those who do work typically make less than 10 dollars a day. Mayor Morgan was elected in 2000 on promises he would fight the provincial government for more funding and would help to rebuild some of Cape Breton's crumbling infrastructure. While the quality of life has improved somewhat under Morgan's government, without more funding from the province, thousands of Cape Bretoners will die every year of preventable diseases such as influenza, opiate addiction, syphallis, gonorrhea and alcoholism. Morgan believes that this lawsuit is a matter of life and death for his citizens.