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4 December 2006

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Knight Commander Sycorax, doing the paperwork for the revolution.

THE EARTH, Milky Way Galaxy -- Gamers, who think they have had enough experience to run the world from video games, plan to take it over.

After 6 years of playing the online fantasy game Ryzom, players have got together and started talking about taking over the Earth. The game has given them enough experience in running a planet, and they hope to do so very soon.

"After playing this game for a long time, we believe we have the capable skills to run RL because we are the 1337zor we pwn rl ." said Sycorax, Leader of the Embellishment guild with Invisibility.

A group of nerds revolutionaries set up a campaign to raise the necessary capital through pledges and has already received 7 euros, 3.5 Canadian dollars, a handful of toothpicks, and a breath mint (believed to have fallen on the ground).

If the group is successful it will purchase all the countries in the world, and using the skills they gained, lead a revolution to take over the government. They need not worry about the Army of the countries, statistics show that in a battle against the armies of the world, these elite warriors would win easily.

Avid followers of these men can apply to become a secretary of the leader, Sycorax, after 10 years of loyal service, he could also become one of the group, changing the way the country is run if wanted.

"The world won't change, its more the way people will use it" said Xavier Antoviaque, a co-founder of the campaign.

It has not yet been announced when they plan to do this revolution, and special agents have been sent from the governments of the world to crack down on these would-be activists.

If the agents find fighting too much of a risk, they will be forced to cut off their supply lines of Ramen so the gamers will starve and be forced to give up.