UnNews:Family Guy to play controversial episode starring Hillary Clinton this Sunday, Micheal Jackson is not impressed

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Family Guy to play controversial episode starring Hillary Clinton this Sunday, Micheal Jackson is not impressed UnNews Logo Potato.png

22 March 2008

According to tonight's Michael Jackson interview on tonight's Entertainment Tonight, an unpopular entertainment news show that used to feature former presidential candidate Bob Dole, he is unimpressed by Fox's new reality show created by Family Guy's Seth Macfarlene called "Please Rape my children like Jacko." Micheal Jackson claims that jokes upon his sexuality issues are growing stale and that people need to become accustomed to him being a menace to society.

As the interview continued, Micheal claimed to be unimpressed with a whole bunch of shit that is on Fox's current Sunday night line up, specifically this weeks upcoming episode of Family Guy featuring guest star Hillary Clinton. In the episode entitled, "Clinton and his wife strike back," a sequal to last season's episode "Bill and Peter's excellent adventure," Bill Clinton comes back to steel Peter's wife Louis in fear that if he doesn't, his wife Hillary will make him her presidential manwhore. Hillary voices herself. stating that she has plans of following her plot when she becomes the United States's new President. Bill Clinton was speechless. Michael states that a plot following the strange mannerisms of Hilary is offensive and should not be allowed to air on Fox because of it being morally wrong. Seth Macfarlane sent a live video message to the show saying that not showing the episode would be "really gay."

Michael Jackson was speechless to hear that Seth was a real person and claims that he had been under the belief that Seth was actually a mammoth from this month's history film flop starring Tom Cruise, "10, 000 BC." Seth was offended by Michael's claim and has been in talks of pulling next month's episode "Stewie gets ass f***** by Micheal Jackson" and instead make it into a feature length film that will, according to Seth, "totally burn him to little powders that can be snorted by George W. Bush." Micheal approves of the film saying, "It will show Seth that there is a difference between being an asshole and doing an asshole." The film is currently slated for an early 2009 release.