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Cameron says BBC Daleks must be destroyed UnNews Logo Potato.png

17 July 2015

Brave David Cameron takes on a shackled BBC Dalek.

LONDON, UK -- Heroic British Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to destroy the BBC Daleks and free up Galactic Space for interstellar advertising. In a hard hitting speech, Cameron says it is time to destroy the BBC Daleks and all they stand for.

"This is the struggle for our age. If we don't defeat the BBC Daleks now they will take over every star system between here and Sirius B. The fightback starts here, with me, on Planet Earth. It's no good relying on alien doctors who never work at weekends and play with sonic screwdrivers. I and my team of fearless Conservatives who have fought on the Red Planet will end this state-funded mechanical menace for good."

Cameron said the BBC Daleks have been wreaking havoc since the 1960s with their various attempts to take take control of the Galaxy. He said Their blind obedience to the Liberal-Lefty Davros and his State Stalinism had ruined British culture and had prevented a lot of people make an awful lot of money from advertising. Now he said the BBC Daleks were 'doomed' and had found allies to help him. Cameron added:

Thanks to that great Australian-American patriot Rupert Murdoch, we now have the means to beat the BBC. Mr Murdoch's Sky Dismember Men will crush the Daleks and free us all of mindless BBC Dalek drivel."