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24 January 2007

Bush confirmed today that he had once again regained possession of his third dog, Tony Blair. Tony, a rare breed of dog called the British Prime Minister, is know for his loyalty to the American President, George Bush. Officially, Tony Blair ran away from George Bush because of a fight he had over some kibble with Barney, another of Bush's dogs. However, rumours say that it was because of Saddam Hussein's execution, to which Tony was very opposed. It was said that Tony even bit George in the leg, but let go when the president drew a shotgun on him.

Bush with his beloved dog, Tony Blair, who came home safe once more

Today in a press conference, Tony said that he had made up his disputes with Barney, and that they and the president have all signed a peace treaty, that, unlike various other documents (constitution, Bill of Rights), it physically cannot be broken. Anyone that does will be condemned to spend the rest of their lives in Macedonia. Bush said later that he was tempted to break the deal because he didn't mind living in Massachusetts, and that he liked Boston. Apart from making fun and laughing profusely at the fact that the president doesn't know what country he's got troops in, they also commented on the fact that there is nothing in the deal for the president that he could break, though nobody has told him yet.

Bush also announced today that the events of "losing my poor little, helpless, british prime minister" has slowed his thoughts on adopting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has expressed great interest in being one of George Bush's dogs. Peter McKay, some other guy in the Canadian government, says that he is not interested in being one of Bush's dogs, (even though he is stalking Condolezza Rice), because he already has his own dog, and realized that they are treated like shit.

As you can see, Stephen Haper is not human, but a very large dog


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