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2 August 2006

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WANGARATTA, Australia GNN (GOANNA NEWS NETWORK) -- First-time blogger Angelina Jones is "dead-set stoked" at the sudden spike in traffic at her blog, "Angelina's World".

Jones, 25, who works at a sleepy souvenir shop in the main street of Wangaratta, has been blogging for three months, mostly writing about her horse and posting sentimental poetry. Angelina's World had until recently been only a modest success, attracting one hit a day, on average, from her mother, Flo, and one hit a week from her sister, Elizabeth, who lives in Melbourne. Her brother, Albert, who works on an oil rig in Bass Strait, hit that once (the blog, that is).

"And then, all of a sudden, I started getting comments five or six times a day," Jones said. "They don't actually talk about anything I've written but I guess they must enjoy it because they all tell me about websites where I can make easy money on the internet. They say that not everybody knows about these sites, so I feel pretty special that they told me about them."

In unrelated developments, Jones is hoping that she has struck up the buddings of an internet romance with a man named Bartholomew Mutie, who works as a bank executive in Nigeria.

"He sounds like such a sweet, sensitive man, although his English isn't the best. He has had a tragic life, but I shouldn't really say anything about that, because he asked me to keep our relationship a secret," she said.

"I just wish he was here so I could bake him a big tray of lamingtons."