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16 February 2013

The late Reeva Steenkamp but early fortune days for some.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa --

A sensitive South African television station is marking the arrest of Olympic hero Oscar Pistorius - 'Blade Runner' - for murder, by broadcasting footage of his dead girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in all her former blonde bikini beauty. The show Orange Juicer Company Cashing In On a Product Placement Show is to be seen on South African television and on news channels worldwide.

Defending the decision to go ahead with the show, the television show's producers said the programme was meant as a 'tribute' and not some-money-grabbing-exercise-to-recover-the-costs-of-an-expensive-show-under-the-guise-of-public-broadcasting-duty. A spooked person for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) explained the decision:

"We at SABC are sensitive to public opinion. There is immense public interest in this show and it was due to be broadcast on this date, so this isn't a last minute decision to shove it up the schedules. Reeva would have been a star, this is our way of remembering her. And Oscar...if you were going to watch...switch channels now..."

The decision to go ahead with transmitting the show is said to be supported by Reeva Steenkamp's family. However others view it as 'bad taste television' and something worthy of more down market countries like the USA. Some South Africans are looking forward to the expected trial of Pistorius and predict it will be 'their O.J. Simpson media moment'. An anonymous source at SABC said this:

"We were expecting a circus like this for when Nelson Mandela dies. Now for many news entertainment organisations, Christmas has come early this year."