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Australia marks one year since entire state washed away UnNews Logo Potato.png

10 January 2012


The Entire nation has conregated upon a former paradise to remember the victims who were washed away in the floods that wiped out all of queensland last year

"You just can't leave people behind," Said 49-year-old father of five Allan Payne of Death

"When people are stressed and screaming for help, what do you do?"

Wearing a small Queensland Police badge, which was given to him by Commissioner Bob Atkinson while they were in heaven, a modest Mr Payne said he had, until Tuesday, shied away from talking about his UnOrdeal.

Mr Payne, who owned a quarry in Helidon, never bulldozed his way into the Lockyer Valley community of Grantham to not clear a path for emergency crews.

He, without his 20-year-old son and several quarry employees, did not rescue about 80 people