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Apple iTunes update shuts off PalmOS devices UnNews Logo Potato.png

16 July 2009

Steve Jobs shows off the only media player line that can sync up and play videos and music with iTunes after shutting out alll third-party media player support.

North America, California, Silicon Valley

Apple updated iTunes to version 8.2.1 and Apple claims to have fixed an issue explained as "addresses an issue with verification of Apple devices" which means all Palm Pilot and PalmOS based devices like the Palm Pre are no longer supported by iTunes or Apple. Which means PalmOS devices no longer sync up with Apple iTunes.

Steve Jobs spoke "We must protect our Macopoly and shut out all non-Apple music and video players." Jobs reported that the next series of updates will shut out Zune, Newton, Windows CE, PocketPC, Blackberry, and other media video and music players. Thus rendering them all obsolete.

This shocked many consumers and Steve Jobs replied back saying "We're the Mac Company, we don't care, we don't have to! If you want to play your music and videos buy an iPod or iPhone instead! We don't support third-party media players anymore! So go bite on that apple!"

Soon Apple will phase out iTunes services for Microsoft Windows and Linux devices, thus forcing people to buy Macintosh Mac OSX based systems from Apple.