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Ahmadinejad snaps up "renovators delight" UnNews Logo Potato.png

1 October 2007

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This has been called a great investment in America's future.

WASHINGTON -- Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has snapped up one of the most desirable residences in Washington State ever to come to the market - a former US intercontinental ballistic missile base, once used to launch the fabled Titan rockets.

The property was on sale on eBay for $1.5 million and comes complete with its own network of underground tunnels and silos.

"Of course the purchaser might wish to install their own nuclear warheads and none are included in the price," a real estate marketing brochure for the site explains.

"Many of the high-spec period features are intact including the original barbed-wire-topped fence and surrounding land-mined 56-acres."

"This prime slice of Washington real estate could suit any number of demanding clients including wannabe dictators or fundamentalist, armageddon-inspired evangelical preachers."

The realtors, who sold Ahmadinejad the plot, insist that much of the 1970s-style technology was stripped from the site by the Pentagon.

"Of course any discerning new owner would want to install their own high-tech accoutrements. A loan facility for equipping this site with the most up-to-date hardware is a distinct possibility."

If you want your own piece of Cold War history there are still 3 missile bases for sale, but you must be quick, as there have been expressions of interest from North Korea and even an competitive offer from Robert Mugabe.