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Oh the terrors of Deepest Darkest Basingstoke. And that's without the terror of simply being in Basingstoke!

You take the route around the temple to the front door. That's through the crocodile filled swamp, past the hidden hunters with poison darts, over the fallen trees filled with poisonous snakes [1], pay attention now - this is the exciting bit, past the venomous Tom Cruise, through the killer mosquitoes the size of mongeese, around the killer rats the size of dogs, past the crazed cameraman who is trying to get that perfect shot, through the long grass that might give you a nasty rash, around the den of killer lions[2]...

And if all that weren't enough, you reach the Temple of Temples to find 200 warriors armed with spears between you and the door!

To run away, go to Page 12 To run at them hoping to surprise them, go to Page 54 To mow them down with your reserve machine gun, go to Page 63
  1. which must have fallen out of some passing plane
  2. Jesus Christ it's a lion, get out of the story