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Lions are small robots designed by God to hunt Emos. You stand a good chance of defeating a lion 1-1, but in large numbers, lions are deadly. Lions are often said to be the inspiration for the strange creatures featured in the disney film 'the lion king' but this is unproven.


Lions are typically denoted as gay with their gay frilly manes. Upon seeing one, you should scream as loud as possible "JESUS CHRIST!!!" and quickly get in the nearest car.

At some times of day (or night) however, lions can look freakily non-gay. This is owing to them changing their appearance depending on whether they want to look gay. A lion would never tell you he was gay, unless he wasn't. Such is the manipulative mind of the gay lion.


Lions are highly vegetarian, and will spend several hours at a time just to graze and digest all the Vileplumes that they eat. However, they will turn into Semi-aggressive Half-Omni/Oxy-arians if an emo is spotted within 5 nanometers of their personal space. In times of drought they will even eat young Bellsprouts, which everyone knows tastes like Drop Bears (which isn't all that bad, actually).


It has been broadcast in recent years that lions are becoming increasingly easily offended. Their prey in recent years have lost their consideration for others. This has led to increase in lion obesity as when are lions are unhappy they eat more. Don't you feel bad for the lions?


The first prototype lion was built in Volgograd around 1944. It was crude, with 3 bicycle wheels for propultion, and a set of large Titanium teeth for armament. Later models would feature anti-gravity units, kitten based weapons, rocket propultion, Iridium armour alloys, and even halogen light bulbs. The most effective model is the cuthrought razor dispensor, as it lets the Emos do the work themselves


For hundreds of years, lions kept Emo culture underground around the world, but in recent years their effectiveness has began to decline. Why? No one knows for sure. Some suggest that fast food has given lions poor health, others say that Jesus's untimely death has traumatised them.


So far there is no indication that a successor to the lion is being designed. Some large corporations have launched immitation lions, all of which where destroyed within 10 days of release as the emo's suicidal tendencies rubbed off on them.


Lions can be found only in Kenya and the Atlantic Ocean. They do, however, go to Detroit to die.