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The novel Bill Cosby, the Autobiography is also available in paperback.

This is the autobiography with the stories and jokes and guy with the Bill and the Cosby with the show and the pokeyman and the Jell-O pudding.


Look at all the lovely people in the audience!

Bill Cosby is Fat Albert's brother who was separated at birth, therefore Bill is related to Martin Luther King.


Bill Cosby was born in the hospital with the nurses and the doctors and the screaming and the wah wah wah and the bottle and the diaper and the Jell-O pudding. What's with the Scientology and the silence with the birth and the volcano and the alien and the Tom Cruise and the Jell-O pudding?! Are they on the crack rock? What's with the kids on the crack rock and the hip hop boppity boo and the Jell-O pudding and the street talk and the hos? What's with the Don Imus and the nappy and the headed and the hos and the radio and the cowboy hat and the pokeyman and the zombie and the Jell-O pudding? Black pride!

Goddamn pokeyman!

So the Bill and the Cosby and the dodo grew up in the house with the walls and the doors and the windows and the refrigerator with the Jell-O pudding inside and the chimney. What's with the chimney sweep and the Dick Van Dyke and the Mary Poppins and the supercalifragilisticexpialadotious and the Jell-O pudding and the penguins and the Walt Disney and the communists and the dodo? What's with the Dick Van Dyke and the name and the lesbian and the Sharon Stone with the environment and the Al Gore with the global warming and the Rosie O'Donnell who eats a lot of Jell-O pudding and the View and the Trump with the combover and the hair? Anyhoo, the Bill and the Cosby and the school with the teachers and the books and the learning and the pencils and the paper the cafeteria with the Jell-O pudding and the pokeyman cards and that day with the closet and the teacher and the pants with the Jesus juice and the tickle fight and naked and the sleeping and the scarred mental pysche.

== The Cosby Show ==

Me and my lovely wife

The Cosby and the show and the Huxtables with the doctor and the Philidelphia and the Theo and the family and the funny and the Bill Cosby superstar with the Jell-O pudding? Shit, I cursed. Fuck, I did it again. Whats with the kids and the cursing with the mouths and the tongue and the four letters with the FCC with the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep?! We never had the curses and the words in the Cosby Show, which is why is was the greatest show ever with the awards and the TV and the reruns and the Nick at Nite! Whats with the 'Nite'? Why did they have to spell it wrong? Whats with the kids and the spelling and the wrong with the stupid and the dropouts and the No and the Child and the Left and the Behind and the Act? Whats with the George and the Bush and the George Bush with the W. and the president and the vice president with the Dick and the Cheney with the gun and the bird and the old man and the grin and the Emperor Palpatine? Whats with the Star Wars and the Jedy and the Life Savers and the space and the Dark Vader? What's with the Nader and the Ralph and the trees and the green and 1 percent and THE JAZZ?!!? WHERE IS ALL THE JAZZ!?!?

Personal Life[edit]

My Hero Bill Cosby From Zach Patterson From Greenwood, SC

I'm doing a report on bill, Forest Grove OR


I have won many awa

This article has been discontinued due to the fact that Bill Cosby has sent a Cease and Desist letter to himself. If anyone attempts to continue this article, they will promptly be sued by several of Mr. Cosby's personalities, when he is done suing himself.