Titan A.E.

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Titan A.E. is a romantic comedy where Drew Barrymore must pick between Matt Damon and an alien. The film was a bomb because people don't like originality. However the film quickly got a cult who believed the world already ended when asked why the cult of A.E. said "It's less retarded than Scientology I mean Space Planes?" this quote increased the population of the cult and no member of the church of Scientology knew about the cults view on them because they can't watch T.V.

Practices of the cult[edit]

A member of the cult during the Hail preed ceremony

Unlike Scientology AE's don't mind being a cult because according to recent research surveys suggested that it was part of the appeal to be part of a cult.Their most well-known practice is Hail Preed, every Monday members would walk into streets with huge glasses with the goal of annoying everyone in sight while shouting "Hail Preed" in the early days people would intentionally run them over with cars yet eyewitnesses claim that the cult just drags the drivers out of the car and they instantly joined the cult of Titan A.E.

Another common practice is Bluth-hunting named after the directer of the film Titan A.E.Donald Bluth. Bluth Left the country after hearing about the cult saying"It was the most retarded thing I have ever heard." Despite this the cult views him as a savior and claims that he will return to judge the Hardcore and the Noobs But it is their duty to hunt him down and convince him to lead them.

The book of Bob[edit]

The book of bob writing itself

Bob is what the cult claims is the real name of the planet and that Earth was destroyed years ago the book of Bob is only 30 pages and critics claim it makes no logical sense the cult responded "niether Does the Bible" According to the book Donald Bluth will come Judge The hardcore and the Noobs take everyone into a spaceship erase everyones mind and drop the humans down to earth again as quoted in the book Giant orbs of soccer balls will reign down from the spaceclounds and into our bodies thus cleansing thus from the hard ships of Bob but you yourself will have to find Bluth.

The book also states that you don't actually die but instead you become your offspring and lose your memory the cult calls it awesome while the normal people call it What?

The Cult Now[edit]

The cult now spends it's days hiding from other religions who hated the cult for openly insulting them every Monday people would take out their guns and look for those involved in the Hail Preed practice and shoot them. The cult thus vanished for a while until reports about a boy claiming that Donald Bluth has already judged and called him a Noob and left taking the cult to their newly found practice Life 2.0 also known as runescape.