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~ Oscar Wilde on nothing in particular

This sentence is very very very very very very short and has relatively no value until someone gives value to this moderately useless sentence which will probably take a long time and that will simply not do at all for this sentence is not merely interesting but funny as well for the creator of this article was mental and had no sense and the article could use something actually funny and like how capybaras and fungi are related which would make the article semi very hilarious as well as partially useful and it might even be put up on the Main Page for a period time not under 1 second but not to exceed 2 seconds which would be amazing for such a boring article that doesn't even break the record for shortest sentence as well as the most boring article ever on this wiki but if it ever did break a record all cats would be famous and that would be very nice for cats love ice cream and pasta which the world could use getting rid of for they are very healthy and they taste like sushi and sushi tastes like milk and milk tastes like dino eggs[citation needed] and dino eggs taste like rocks and rocks taste like spinach which does not taste good at all but yet this article might be good if there was a such thing as a dragon for they breath fire and would kill everyone and that would be very funny and that would be so cool for dragons because dragons have lots and lots of fun killing but maybe they don't have fun killing maybe they just kill because they get to told to in books like Eragon which is not as cool as dragons in wintertime which is when everything is cold and not warm but sometimes it will be warm in winter if you are lucky and if you are not lucky it will be cold like ice cream which if you are lucky will be cold and if you are not lucky it will be warm and liquidy which could be a word and otherwise it isn't a word and if it isn't a word then I should not have used it because using made up words is not very smart because it seems like you can't find a real word to fit the situation such as that crocodile is so crocodiley see look it makes you seem dumb because they think that you can't think of a real word when really if you have tried you could have said that crocodile is so reptillian which I think is a real word but maybe I spelt it wrong and maybe if I was lucky I did because at school I learnt to spell things correctly like the word the and cheese I spelt them correctly see check a dictionary I spelt that correctly too because I went to school which is where you can learn to spell and sometimes you learn things like the language features of a cinquain poem but not always but usually if you are doing a unit on poetry which was once said to be the english language at its best but not if the poem was in spanish than it would be the spanish language and its best which is not the same as the english language because they don't use the same words and Mexican's can't speak Engrish they speak spanish not mexican which is what George Bush once said they spoke because I think it was supposed to be a chickn with a strange yellow cucumber shouting about a joke like this article but it failed miserable because as said earlier it isn't funny and will not win any awards unless it is lucky and if it isn't lucky you might have a cold winter or maybe a warm ice cream which are both equally unlucky unless you do not believe in luck but instead believe in destiny or fate which is what I am trying to find out so I took up the hobby of palmistry which is reading palms and you can learn things like what your head line and life line are but you don't learn things like that in school you learn things like the language features of a cinquain poem and you also don't learn things about dragons who might or might not like killing people but dragons are cool and you might learn are them in school if you are lucky and if you are not lucky you will be forced to eat warm ice cream and have cold winters and while you are participating in such fun activities as the eating of warm ice cream and having a cold winter you may need to keep in mind that you could die at any second like now or now or now or now or maybe but not likely now and I don't think that anyone died when I was typing now or you were reading the nows but there are many spelling erors in this article but then again maybe some one in a place like Africa did because on planet earth someone dies every 2 seconds but that is probably because Africans die a lot because they starve and catch diseases because no one will teach them how to take over Microsoft and become rich like Bill Gates who is the captain of the chess team in the song High School Never Ends by bowling for soup which is a band like Fall Out Boy F*CKING SLAYER except the only difference if Fall Out Boy F*CKING SLAYERRRRR is actually bad a ha ha ha just kidding they are AWESOME they are the opposite of bad they are bad which if the opposite of good or if you like you might say antonym or is it synonym I am not sure they taught me in school along with the language features of a cinquain poem but I cannot recall which means opposite and which means something similar but synonym is probably the similar one because it sounds the same at the start or maybe I am wrong I have been wrong before like the time when someone was in an epic aeroplane chase from police heli-copters which were not as fast so they used the army jets to follow the criminal who was in an aeroplane which he got off e-bay but anyway he was flying fast and I told the army to use a nuclear missile to hit the plane but not a homing missile just a nuclear one and I was wrong and it missed and hit Germany and that is how Hitler was born but not Adolf Hitler, his older brother Harry Hitler (who soon changed his name to Harry Potter after causing WW9 and 3/4) who was not Adolf Hitler because they can't both be Adolf Hitler unless they had the same name which they did not and I know this because I asked my mother when she was having a heart attack and answered my question which was 'was adolf hitler the same as his older brother' and she replied 'call an ambulance' which I assume was mother talk for no and since mothers no everything I was sure my mother was right and you might be wondering why I say mother not mom and the answer is because I am a kiwi so I spell mom with a 'u' like mum and I wasn't sure if you understood it and I don't like spelling it like mom so I just say mother which is correct even if you are American or a Kiwi which is also the native bird of New Zealand, although the Kiwi fruit tastes good and functions well as an aphrodisiac, but they like to call themselves Kiwi's sometimes but even New Zealanders are not animals they are humans like you unless you are an animal or an alien and you may think this is is racist to aliens because I said they don't count as humans but that is the truth they are not homo-sapiens they are aliens unless on some really far off planet they co-incidentally called themselves home-sapiens too but they probably didn't just like Harry Hitler didn't have the same name as Adolf Hitler or pizza didn't have the same name as oinker who was a pig who starred in the classic movie released in 1987 titled 'Who'a stole'a my pig?' in which the pig runs around the well known country of Canada in an attempt to escape from the evil Italian chef who wants nothing more than to eat Oinker however the evil chef known only as 'Evil Chef' assumed some Canadian had stolen oinker and proceeded to slay 1 bajillion Canadians before Oinker gathered the courage to admit that he never was stolen and ran away because he wanted the Evil Chef to stop killing the friendly canadians who had sheltered him in his time of need which is why he confessed to the Evil chef but the movie received high ratings for having a pig who could talk a human language like Italian to humans unlike that lame pig Babe or that Pig in Charlotte's Web whose name I cannot recall and if that pig had been able to speak fluent English he wouldn't of needed that spider's help but I think that is enough about pigs how about we talk about some current day music like Elvis who was good but I think he is no longer alive or he could be a zombie which would be cool because he could sing and write some cool zombie songs like 'Zombie Life Never Ends' or 'Boulevard of Broken Heads so I could Eat Brains' or 'Welcome to the Undead Parade' or 'Don't Feel Like Livin' or 'How to Take a Life' or 'One Way Ticket to being a Zombie' or 'Download this Brain' or 'Stacy's Mom's Brain' or 'When I'm Gone and Back as a Zombie' or 'Eat my Mind' or 'Ridin' Deady' or 'I died while landing Holly' or 'In the Summer-by the way I'm a zombie-time' or 'The Saints are Coming to Send Us Back to the Underworld But we are Going to Eat their Brains When They Get Here' or 'Love Me or Ate Me' or 'Roller-Coaster of Dead' or 'Window Zombie' and if he zombie Elvis made all the songs it would be cool for a zombie I'm sure no one would sue him and everyone would love the songs but then again I cannot tell the future so I don't know if they would sell well hopefully they do because Zombie Elvis could be the next Weird Al Yankovic but only bigger because he is the King because he is Elvis but enough about Elvis let's hear more about this article in which the shortest sentence lies which only went to Dragons have lots of fun killing people and then I (imaginaryperson) did everything else because I am so nice and have nothing better to do because school just ended for the day and I didn't learn about any language features of a cinquain poem because I was lucky and get to eat cold ice creams and even though it is summer in NZ I might have a warm winter if I am lucky but anyway I was just wondering if you want to talk about something relevant to today such as t.v. shows of today but I am in NZ so it probably will be different than what you see on t.v. so maybe how about hold on I just realised school taught me how to spell maybe man that is crazy I never thought I would use something I learnt in school that is weird but it would still be better if dragon information was taught in school but I guess that is too much to hope for because dragon information has been obsolete since the death of Keith Moon in 5000 BC man that Keith Moon was a funny guy with a red nose and blue eyes and a green face and blue hair even though nobody on this planet has blue hair except for the people who dye it blue and those people are so nutto and they always love hot dogs and also very large throbbing sausages unless of course the supplement is taken once daily for the next 30 days orally or rectally keeping in mind that Nigeria's depleting panda mines will one day run out and we will have to find a new fuel to power our all wheel drive air conditioners under these circumstances it is safe to say although Julius Caesar may have invented the light bulb he didn't have good patent lawyers like Thomas Edison so instead he ended up becoming addicted to eating tacos and listening to non-sensical emo gibberish as perpatrated by the German Propaganda Ministry circa 1939 AD with his good friend Purple Jesus "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" also there are some stinging things in spain, with blue sausage hairs, which lengthen this sentence even more, in fact, to quote Oscar Wilde, "That sentence would take a f***ing long time to read"... is in fact very true seeing that the duration of said sentence continues to expand despite what Scientology's believe in ABC News' wide world of sport where other such completely retarded things like ping pong and the Special Olympics Super Athlete Event, Retard Demolition derby that ends in a fight to the death with hockey sticks and a case of beer imported from the Nation of Japan where they grow beer from fermented old people jock straps to give it the ascertain kick necessary deliver the killing blow required to win that retard olympic sport for the Nation of the United States of IHOP which has dominated the sport for the past 56,456,386,446,346,234,634,567,345 days running now seeing that they bribed all of the judges and put rat poison in all of the retards drinks further stunting their lack of intelligence which resulted in them actually getting smart and entering in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire where all of the retarded contestants in fact won the 5 Million dollar question (Maximum is one million) because of there innate ability to stare into Regis' forehead and mentally masturbate his ego until he unwittingly divulges all answers in the form of a stand up comedy play written by OSCAR WILDE that involves Rob Williams, Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee, Drew Carey, Stalin, Oscar Wilde, Bart Simpson and many other characters whom were originally perceived to be fictitious but upon later inspection existed upon the supernatural material plane called Your Butt Or A Hole In The Ground whereby more retards armed with assault rifles stormed the ABC News Headquarters and lowered the cumulative intelligence of everyone in Japan thus effectively destroying production of the famed jock strap beer famous for smelling like the Unwashed taint area of the last 8 emperors of Japan, whereby Oscar Wilde STILL would quote "That sentence would take a f***ing long time to read". which case the reader would gouge out his or her own eyes in protest to the enormity or sheer velocity of the amount of purely retarded information that is being divulged at the viewer at the rate it does which can be described and visualized as being chased by rampant psychotic sheep all wielding flamethrowers in which sprinting for your life may be the closest you come to having a never-ending orgasm that causes your internal organs to accept the fact that George Clooney beat them in a game of hop scotch with real actual scotch that was made of 9902 proof liquor, the most potent drink created, ever since Chuck Norris urinated into a plastic cup and sold it as booze (which he made several trillion dollars soon after the first victim he killed with that drink died from awesomeness), and now spends his days pissing in cups and reading Golfer's Digest and watching the Red/ Green show while masturbating on a piece of french toast that he stole from Martha Stewart (yes, the psycho b*tch) who upon seeing this astonishing revelation, soon found herself guzzling so much she soon died and has a tombstone near your mother's poo which I find is completly ironic and in most instances borderline causing you to severely pants your shit as you laugh so hard, as you did before, only this time the Japanese discover they have found a way to re-invent their formula for jock-strap beer by this time finding the 5 most obese and unsightly fat people in the world and having them sweat and sh*t all day without end into a series of funnels and pipes that channel their massive amounts of sickyly, ickly, utterly-horribly-most-freaking-putrid-of-all-putrid fluids into a container that, for safety reasons is located 3000 feet underground and is maintained by an army of balding homosexual gnomes.


~ Oscar Wilde on this page

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