The Buggles

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The Plastic Age is where the Buggles deserve to live in.

The Buggles were a group of three murderers, one named Geoff Downes, who often got up and got down, and another one named Trevor Horn, who contrary to his name does not play the horn. They were well known, with the help of Video, for killing the radio star in 1979.


Trevor Horn Elementary School photo.jpg

Trevor (born sometime before 1946 as Charlie) was a keyboard and bass player who would often be bitch-slapped by his parents for his wonderful instrument-playing skills. He also complained about the Gailaeo affair, and was a big Astroboy fan. The picture on the left is what Trevor wished he had if his parents didn't hurt him so much.

Geoff (who most people incorrectly think that his real full name is Gaf Downs, and fuck knows when he was born) was always interested in playing the piano. Sadly, he wouldn't be able to, as Billy Joel found out Geoff was making shitty versions of his songs.

Both Trevor and Geoff lived in Plastic, and they were the only two people who were actually comfortable living like that.

Trevor and Geoff both met in 1975, in which they decided to start a murder group together, called the "Buggles", because of how they were treated by everyone. They had originally planned to kill Billy Joel first, for not letting them make anymore keyboard music. However, for some weird reason, they later decided they would kill their parents and uncles first instead.

There have also been rumors since 2001 that Linda and Tina might've been involved in the group at one point, and that Trevor and Jeff had killed the two women. This has since remained a mystery, which probably nobody would care to solve.

After the Buggles helped Mark David Chapman kill John Lennon in 1980 (info that the news decided not to even share), the Buggles met Video, who become a new star in the entertainment constellation. Video was asked for the group to help him kill the Radio star. This was so he would become a new worldwide star and he would be found doing more tricks the Radio Star wasn't able to do. The Buggles agreed.

The 1982 murder of the Radio Star surprised all of those in the music industry, and yet Video was the only one who got in trouble for it. It has remained unknown how the Buggles helped Video kill the radio star, nor how they were found killing the Radio star, but it's safe to say you wouldn't want to know.

The Buggles didn't have as much deadly weapons as they had before to fight their parents, but thank god at least they kept the fighting clean.

A year after the incident, it appeared their dead parents found out about this and decided to come back alive and killed the two. The group tried to stay alive by killing the zombies, but failed to do so for some stupid fucking reason no one cares about. The two remained burried in a VTR (take the blame on that).

John Lennon, ever since his death, is now giving peace to those who were killed by the Buggles.

It is quite likely that 52 years from now, we wouldn't care about these two people anymore, but hopefully John Lennon will continue to give peace to those who were killed by the Buggles, and, especially, those who were killed by Mark David Chapman (That's in case if there were any).

Horn is also famous for his work as a producer, and is recognised as the "Man Who Invented the '80s", having created several facets of the decade's popular music (including the orchestra hit, used to great effect on Yes's "Owner of a Lonely Heart").