Southwest Campaign

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Southwest Campaign
Part of the Mexican-American War
Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to Sacramento
Date: December 12, 2007 - December 31, 2007
Place: US Border States
Outcome: American Victory
United States of America Estados Unidos Mexicanos
Arnold Schwarzenegger Sánchez
20,000 1,000,000
3,563 450,000+

The Southwest Campaign was a counter-invasion led by Arnold Schwarzenegger. After his earlier retreat from California to the invading Mexicans, he had assembled a skilled team of soldiers to work with him in a quest to retake the lost land. Mexico had appointed Sánchez the new leader of the Mexican army, and they had high hopes he could repeat the stunning victories of Pancho against the American forces.

New Mexico and Arizona[edit]

Helicopters over Arizona.

The Campaign began with an extensive push from Colorado south into New Mexico. Sánchez decided to withdraw his forces west towards Arizona, where defense would be easier. The US division followed them into Arizona, where the Mexicans stood and fought. Sánchez's forces were extensively pushed westward and were unable to hold Phoenix. Upon retaking the capital, minutemen leader James Gilchrist, and several minutemen joined Schwarzenegger. By this point in time the Mexican army had lost several thousand soldiers, and Sánchez gave the order to abandon Arizona entirely and once again head West, this time to California.

Battle of California[edit]

In a last-ditch effort for victory, Sánchez deployed Mexico's elite jaguar warrriors.

Sánchez assembled a defensive line on the Arizona border, which proved ineffective when the soldiers gave in to temptation and crossed the border several times. The American forces steamrolled by them and headed northwest towards Sacramento. In the single bloodiest battle of the entire war, upwards of 400,000 Mexican soldiers fell, nearly half of which was from friendly fire. Sánchez had proven ineffective in command of the army, but the lack of better generals, or in fact any generals led him to remain in power for the remainder of the fight.

Finally, Sánchez agreed to surrender what remained of his force. Arnold had lived up to his promise to return, and entered Sacramento for the first time since his retreat, now welcomed as a two time liberator. When questioned about which he considered to be the hardest liberation, he commented "Gray Davis."


With the victory in the Southwest Campaign, the southern theatre was effectively ended. But to the north, Washington D.C. remained under Democratic rule.

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