Fall of Washington

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Fall of Washington
Part of the Mexican-American War
Harry Reid upon taking over Washington D.C.
Date: December 2, 2007
Place: Washington D.C.
Outcome: Democrats take control of Washington D.C.
Republican Party Democratic Party
Bill Frist Harry Reid
47 52
2 0

The Fall of Washington was a battle in the Mexican-American War, taking place in Washington D.C. After the devastating loss for Mexicans in the Battle of Corpus Christi, in which Ted Kennedy was detained by US Forces, Democratic Congressmen and Senators cried foul. Citing Ted Kennedy's superb voting record, the Democrats began to fight the Republicans for control of the Capital building.

Congressman's Balls[edit]

Shortly after the Battle of Corpus Christi, the US Congressmen had their annual Congressmen's Ball. Attending were all the sober, such as Rick Santorum, Harry Reid, and the like. During opening ceremonies, Harry Reid made a speech to all attending, requesting that they put aside political differences and instead, have a "gay old time together". Quickly after Reid's speech ended, Republican Congressman Bill Frist called Reid a pussy from his front row seat.

From here, Reid subsequently shot Frist several times in the chest after he reportedly manned a turret (or "Maxim gun") that was located on the podium. The Republican Party looked on in horror, but a thunderous applause began to fill the room from mostly the Democratic Party. Bill Frist died instantly.

The former mayor of Corpus Christi, the Quaker Oats Guy, and political figures below him in the city marched to Washington to protest and call attention to the aftermath of the Battle of Corpus Christi.

Henry Garrett immediately marched into Harry Reid's office and demanded he offer Mexico a peace proposal; Harry Reid demanded Henry swallow a cheese grater. From there, the two had a brief verbal scuffle before Harry Reid jumped across the desk and strangled Henry Garrett to death with a robe sash.