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Laughter, coming from the ancient greek word laughter, which means, "to make my belly itch" is a thing of great joy. However this can turn into an evil phenomenon known as Laughter riots. Though cases are rare, they are extremely deadly, and have caused several billions of dollars in damages.

Tendencies of a Laughter Riot[edit]

Laughter has a tendency to turn evil if it does not find the humor funny. Though some say laughter cannot be seen, it is actually a bluish-green color. However, when angry it will turn blood red and destroy anything that moves. This includes, but is not limited to: windows; skulls; infrared goggles; glasses; computers; brick; cheap plastic toys; rocks; kittens; and Nazi's. Laughter riots has a tendency to skip over vermin, especially gerbils, which plan to eventually take over the earth.


A laugh Riot is known to cause violence. Not just by itself. It has been known to posses other beings so that it may cause as much damage as possible. One notable time was while in France it was able to posses many teenagers and destroy cars, burn trash cans (for warmth), and also overturn dumpsters (for food).


There is only one known supplier of Laughter riot insurance. They are only known as "The Occult Insurance Dealers", they are only found in Canadia. Their most common customers are angry, paranoid, old hermits and the occasion stock market analysist. There really isn't much of a difference. They use a very common formula to determine the amount of coverage that you can apply for: Thats Y divided by O times U is equal to (F times U) divided by (C plus K) times (E plus D). It's a very simple formula, but it usually ends up with you losing a lot of money and only getting enough coverage so that if a magic candlestick burns a piece of paper in your house, then you get a sticky note in return.

How it's Caused[edit]

Laughter Riots are actually caused by the one who has told the joke. The less funny something is, the harder it is for that person to control. If someone does, or says, something that's not funny, and a lot of people laugh, for some evil twisted reason unknown to man, the power of that laughter goes to the person that made them laugh. professional comedians have been trained to hold this power and let it dissipate, however amateurs cause mild laugh riots everyday, they just don't have enough power to do any real damage.

Known Laughter Riots[edit]

There are only a handful of known laughter riots. one made by King Arthur in the middle ages where he thought all people were of equal status, this was the beginning of the bubonic plague (through a series of unrelated circumstances, this was just about the time gerbils started plotting to take over Switzerland). The riot moved the location of the Holy Grail, causing infected gerbils to be released from the center of the earth. another instance is with president Bush in 2003. Upon making a comment about winning the war in Iraq, all of France busted out in laughter. This was the largest known case of Laughter Riot, hundreds of people injured, and millions of dollars in damages. Other known riots are as follows:

Hitler's Riot[edit]

Hitler was attending one of his ceremonies giving glory to himself. When suddenly someone told him that he had brwon hair. He realized that this was true and proceeded to tell this to the audience, that he had brown hair, eyes, pants, and his mother had been a Jew. This induced hysterical laughter within the ranks of the Nazis. The riots destroyed most of Europe, and were stopped by the U.S. in WWII.

Potter's Riot[edit]

This has nothing at all, whatsoever to do with the Harry Potter riots. These riots were caused when some disgruntled potters decided it would be a good idea to drop flowerpots out of windows onto people. This created an actual riot, not a laughter riot.

Harry Potter's Riot[edit]

A very famous riot indeed. It's so famous that only mentally retarded people and Nazi's don't know what it is. Incidentally, this means you don't know what it means, so you may choose to be retarded, or a Nazi. It all began when Potter was having a press conference. When someone asked him if he thought that he was cool, he responded with a yes. This provoked one of the largest, destructive riots in all of history. People died laughing when they heard what he said. The total damages were reported to be an estimated amount of about something close to, but not quite at, a number that has not been used very often, but has been called into service because of this riot, and is still being written down as I avoid telling what the number could possibly, well more probably might, be. The total amount of damage was worth about 5 Hundred Squillion Trillion Quadzillion dollars and is still climbing as we find more damage caused.

Zoot Suit Riot[edit]

Not only innocent oppressed African American people are hated (don't be hatin foo) enough to break out in animalistic behavior, white people can too and whenever you don't find a lot of black people, brown people make good pinatas to beat up with. Mexicans, Hispanics and Latinos (or whatever these illegal immigrants are called) were considered a threat to homeland security, they came to America on foot jumping over fences or crossing the Rio Grande to work at Wal-marts, fast food joints, construction sites and private homes as gardeners, nannies and roofers. The illegal aliens wanted to stay in America, but refused to learn to speak English, brought huge families over and had "anchor babies", the older kids became emos or gang-bangers, and although their women were hot, the men won't leave white women alone. All this angered and frightened white Aryans who felt this race of people who "claimed to been here in America first". In the Iraq War II, thousands of angry white male Americans in soldier (SS trooper) and sailor (white robe) uniforms crossed the picket line of illegal immigration amnesty protests in East L.A. and began to beat up anyone dressed in brown skin (i.e. zoot suits, but consist of sombreros, mexican flag blankets and raiders jackets with gothic letters "East side loco vado chicanos"). By the end of the riot, half the L.A. population got deported or placed into internment camps such as Soweto, Auschwitz and one out in the Nevada desert.

Laughter Riot Creators[edit]

The most well known creaters were either the most evil, or stupid people on earth. There is a number of well known creators: George Bush; George W. Bush; Hitler; Harry Potter; King Arthur; and Paul McCartney, from The Beatles.