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“Look, just because I was born without a backbone, or balls, or most of a penis, does NOT negate me as a person, or a Prime Minister. Remember Diefenbaker? Huge dick, not much of a PM. ”

~ Joe Clark on his existence

Joe Clark
Rank: 16th
Predecessor: Pierre Trudeau
Successor: Pierre Trudeau
Less Popular than: Pierre Trudeau
More Popular than: John Turner
Date of Birth: June 5, 1939
Place of Birth: High River, Alberta
Spouse: (wishes to remain unknown)

but some predict Elsie Wayne

Political Party: The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada

Charles Joseph "Joe Who?" Clark, PC, CC, AOE (born June 5, 1939) was the 16th, and youngest, Prime Minister of Canada, and led successfully for all 9 months of his time in office. Too successfully. In fact, analysts are not quite sure why he was quickly removed and Pierre Trudeau reinstated, but most speculate it had to with the fact Canada, for once, was doing good economically, militarily, and in all other aspects. Such was simply unacceptable, and soon enough the less successful Trudeau was back in power.

After his fall from grace, Clark spent much of his life trying to make a political comeback. From 1999 to 2003 he led the controversial We Will Never Merge With the Alliance Party Ever Party, which merged with the Alliance Party in 2003. Clark was deemed no longer cost-effective and terminated by the new leader, Stephen Harper. Many Clark loyalists, (fourteen, some Liberal plant named Sean Tisdall and one of John Diefenbaker's jowels to be precice) or Clark Bars as they were affectionately known by Donnnnnnnnnnnn Newmaaaaaaaaaannnn formed the We are Seriously Never Ever Merging with the Alliance Party so much that we won't even call them the Conservative Party Party. Joe has gone to great lengths so as to not be seen in the same country as any of them, getting elected as Prime Minister of Half of Europe on his affability alone. Before this, he taught classes on how to bitem ass at counting and other ways to be a laughing stock at American University in Washington, DC.

Today, Clark is a columnist for the Red Deer Redneck Oilwell Tribune Sun Daily News as a columnist complaining about Peter MacKay screwing him over.

Preceded by:
Pierre Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
Succeeded by:
Pierre Trudeau