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How to steal Sir Ghelæ's Sig in 2 minutes.

What tremendous fun it is stealing Ghelæ sig!; this, of course, being one of Uncyclopedia's favorite past times. It is also on of the most tiring and time consuming, but now we have a solution. Stealing Ghelæ's sig has never been so easy!

  • Do you really want a fancy panzy sig like him?
  • Can you live without colored button like sig gimmicks? No, I didn't think so!
  • Can you imagine your sig looked like this:

1337 h4x0r style:


German style:

If you took the trouble to read this you are nuts.Zicherheits geschaft laden ?? Ein Folkswagen , nur ein ??

Or even Hippy style:

Peace man, Woah..Pass it around... mahn Look at all the pretty colors


Well, the origins are simple. We all want his sig, therefore we steal it.

One of the first instances know, after the Intawebs was invented, where Ghelæ's sig was stolen was here.

Stealing the sig[edit]

Normally speaking, stealing Ghelæ SIG involves :

  • finding your way though the mess of his user pages.
  • Go insane.
  • then stealing the code.

The first part is easy enough but then, after regaining part of your sanity, you have to edit the code. Ghelæ's code is a tough nut to crack. There is no formatting, it's not terribly expandable of flexible and it could be considered an utter mess. In fact, I know IT people who got fired for producing such code on the job. Be that as it may, the enormous joy one can derive from blatantly swiping Ghelæ's sig is of such high a level that these minor inconveniences are often overcome by sheer willpower and motivational drive. However it still take patience and time. This time could be put to better use writing more mindless drivel for Uncyclopedia.

The solution[edit]

To help people waste time on articles and not on nicking Ghelæ sig, there is the Auto-Ghelæ-Siganator, quite a clever little template that lets you steal Ghelæ sig in a blink of an eye. It it made up of 108.635% stolen Ghelæ sig and will mimic it as closely as you want.

You can, literally, within seconds, have a sig that is more or less the same as Ghelæ's sig.

What we did[edit]

We stole his sig code, thats what we did. But we did not stop there! After stealing Ghelæ's code we clubbed some baby seals to death. "Why?", you might ask. Good question, but alas it's not. We simply like clubbing baby seals to death. But after the deadly clubbing inflicted on the baby seals we took another look at Ghelæ's sig code. Was it an alien language? No. Was is a ancient language? Nope. Was it a future code? Still nothing. At last after some serious drug abuse we realized that it was chaos HTML formatted code. So we took an infinite amount of monkeys (Which is hard enough to do on a Bloody Sunday) and got them typewriters to reproduce the code with variables. And, in the end, one monkey named Jim got the right code. We made the template from the stolen code, ain't The Creative Commons a bitch?! * NOW NOBODY CAN STOP US ! WHOOAAAAHHHAHAAAAAAA

* Except everybody that can vote for deletion of niggers, (pretty much anybody then).

How it works[edit]


As this template might get renamed or deleted, you really should subst: the code into your sig!

Use the template Ghelæ_Stolen_sig with the following variables and you will have, in no time, successfully stolen his sig.

The variables are :

  • Button<number>
  • Link<number>
  • Title<number>
  • Color<number>

There are 3 places that you can abuse for links.

So the following code would make a valid sig. ( Note that this stolen SIG also incorporates the stoles color scheme by Ghelæ. )

|Button1=Myself|Link1=Myself|Title1=clever mouse over trick.
|Button2=Funky Talk|Link2=User_talk:Myself|Title2=Again the clever mouse pointer hoover trick.
|Button3=Whatever|Link3=nothing|Title3=This mouseover stuff is getting old.
Ghelæ Stolen Sig|Color1=#FFD700|Color2=#C0C0C0|Color3=#CD7F32
|Button1=Myself|Link1=Myself|Title1=clever mouse over trick.
|Button2=Funky Talk|Link2=User_talk:Myself|Title2=Again the clever mouse pointer hoover trick.
|Button3=Whatever|Link3=nothing|Title3=This mouseover stuff is getting old.

This does look like much work , But is in fact much simpler then stealing his code and editing that. This one line of code you actually get you this when you put it between template caps.

MyselfFunky Talk Whatever


You can now, within minutes, Dress up your sig all leet like and splatter it all over every talk page just like the man ( Ghelæ ). You can imitate him ad nauseum or do your own colors.

If this does not lead to a serious increase in ultra alertness and activity regarding Article awareness , I do not know what will.

Famous Color Schemes.[edit]

Original Scheme[edit]

The Famous and ever popular original color scheme as used by Ghelæ himself:

Color1 = #FFD700   
Color2 = #C0C0C0
Color3 = #CD7F32

This scheme will get you: exampleAnother Example Last example

The Vosnul Scheme[edit]

A Spoof on the original scheme by user Vosnul:

Color1 = #CD7F32  
Color2 = #FFD700 
Color3 = #C0C0C0

This scheme will get you: exampleAnother Example Last example

It is sometimes said that Vosnul just moved the colors around, thereby being unimaginitive They who say that, though, are immediately executed.

The Insineratehymn Scheme[edit]

The User known as Insineratehymn created this scheme based on the first three (3) colors that were invented. He coined this combination just after France, The Netherlands, the Good english flag when combined with the good old scottish flag to form the union flag, Russia the USA, and 78.239% of other countries that have a 3-color flag.

Color1 = #FF0000
Color2 = #FFFFFF
Color3 = #000FFF

This scheme will get you: BatFuck Insane


It has come to our nobel attention that a certain individual made the bold claim that Ghelæ actually stole his sig from him. This person who shall remain anonymous should challenge Ghelæ to a duel and they should both pick out , from a lineup of carefully selected minimalisticly dressed females, 2 individuals who subsequently fight it out in a tub of red jelly. The one who's female wins had his or her sig stolen by the other. Or they can google fight.

Sig's created by using Ghelæ Stolen Sig[edit]

If you want to join the crowd with cool Sigs like Ghelæ's sig and you use the Auto-Ghelæ-Siganator Just post your sig here and or leave a message.

Vosnul -- Fox-0Fox-0's Userpagee Talk with the Fox-0

Insineratehymn -- General Insineratehymn

solar penguin -- User:Solar penguin/sig 20:59, 23 March 2007 (UTC)

Crazyswordsman --Crazyswordsman...With SAVINGS!!!! (T/C) 19:23, 10 July 2007 (UTC)

333Pet --PET Darth Maul.gif 03:39, 10 November 2007 (UTC)

MNM5150 MNM5150Talk Dirty To Me Failings

BurekSP ~ ★ БурекСП ★★ талк ★★ контриб ★ 18:00, 20 April 2008 (UTC)

Raiespio User:Raiespio/sig13:30,04 May 2008 (EST)

Wathyreckk WathyreckkA SPLODE O.o

SanDemonMax65.5.128.19 15:13, June 16, 2011 (UTC) --User:SanDemonMax/sig 15:14, June 16, 2011 (UTC) (Forgot to log in)

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