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Some internet scammers have blatantly plagiarised this HowTo page in attempt to advertise deceptive marketing schemes. Please be aware that Uncyclopedia is not affiliated with these scammers in any way and should not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by their marketing schemes.

We don't know this chick, seriously, but we photoshoped "Free Money" on her boobs anyway just to draw your attention.

"How do you get a FREE iPod?" you ask.

Simple! I'll be getting Free iPod from the Euroipods network! It's so easy to get money with this system, so why not sign up now?

If you follow the steps below correctly break none of the rules and requirements listed below, then you will be promised a lump-sum of Free Money or a free gift of your choice, whether it is an PS3 or an iPod.

Soooooo, read on...

How does this work? Is this a scam?[edit]

If you need proof and more info, how all this works exactly, and why you should believe it is not a scam, please check the proof and info section. If you have any questions, please [[Talk:HowTo:How to sign up online for a non-existent gift|post a comment]]. I'll answer them ASAP. If you've already witnessed getting freebies before, read on to know how you can get your Free iPod!

If you still have any questions or doubts and would like a personal response from me, please post a comment and I'll promptly answer it.

Steps to get your Free iPod...[edit]

Step 1 - Signup for the Free iPod via this link:[edit]

Step 1

All you need to do is join via that link, enter a legitimate email address and password, fill in your contact info, and choose a "referral" account. I'll explain why below. Do not fake this info, or you will risk not getting your Free iPod.

All the info you're entering is totally safe and secure. Like the privacy policy states, it is not sold to any advertisers or will be used to spam your email address. You can, however, except some spam from doing "offers" (which I'll explain below), so be free to create a new email account at GMail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, or wherever else you like!

Step 2 - Complete ONE advertiser's offer[edit]

Step 2

Do not be afraid of this step! This is not a trap! Read this carefully to learn why you have to do this, and then continue...

As soon as you login, you'll see your status page. To complete an offer, scroll through the variety of offers available, and click one that you're interested in. Read the requirments of each offer and make sure you do what it ask in order for you to get credit. You're free to choose whatever offer you like to do!

What you need to know about offers...[edit]

All offers are not free! But, hey - think about your Free iPod! Anyway, take a deep breath, get your credit card ready and make sure what you sign up does not include anything that you wouldn't expect. Read the fine print and understand the requirements of what you need to do to get your credit.

My personal recommendation for offers that I consider awesome...[edit]

1. Online Casino (for Canadians & Europeans):

Deposit about $20 or £10 GBP and then try and win all your money back.

2. Online Backgammon (for US only):

Deposit about $20 and then try and win all your money back.

For more reviews on all the offers and see the best offers, check out our sister site:

Before doing an offer...[edit]

  1. Make sure you're using Internet Explorer (do not try other browsers as they are known to have problems with our software) and change the settings so it accepts all cookies. Do not be afraid - no one can really obtain your precious personal information with cookies! If you don't get credit for doing the offer, switch to Internet Explorer.
  2. Disable popup-blockers temporarily (it is important to allow those Active-X enabled popup windows to show up properly on your screen)
  3. Read all the terms and requirements of the offer. However, if you are desperate to get your Free iPod and quite impatient to read lengthy stuff, just skip them. You will understand everything at the end anyway.

Step 3 - Spread the word and get your friends to sign up[edit]

Step 3

Now that you did your offer (if not, then do it first), you should refer as many friends as you try hard to get your Free iPod. You'll will find your referral link on your status page, and you will see all your referrals who signed up under you there as well.

There are tons of ways to refer people. However, do so in methods that are not considered spam. If you're reported to the site as a spammer, your account would be placed on hold - and no Free iPod for you!.

When you give your link out to people make sure they follow the same instructions mentioned on this site. Might as well point them to this site instead of re-iterating what I said, right? Also, make sure they clean out all their cookies (as they will affect the performance of our website's software), then click your link in order for you to get your credit. The site cannot retroactively switch referrals if not did right the first time.

Suggestions to get friends...[edit]

  1. Make an article like this and post your link, or simply put it in some talk-pages.
  2. Go to some forums, and the admins will certainly love you if you post your link there.
  3. Get family/friends/relatives to signup under you. They could be anyone (outside of your household or workplace or dorm room). They could even be your co-workers, boyfriend/girlfriend, teacher/professor, etc. I know this would not be easy, but, heck - do you not want your Free iPod anymore?

Just remember to tell your referrals how all this work just like how I explained it to you. I can guarantee you that any open-minded person will take you up on this opportunity to get a Free iPod when there really isn't any risk! This has been proven legit and you can point them to the tons of proof readily available.

Basic Rules...[edit]

The most common reason people's accounts get placed on hold is because they scam the company in some way or form! This includes, but is not limited to:

  • having people from the same network (school/dorm room/workplace/house) signing up
  • signing up and using fake information for the "offer"
  • using proxies to spawn fake referrals (even the admins here know when you use a proxy. C'mon...)
  • doing "offers" more than once (very naughty these people)
For more rules, see here.

Step 4 - Wait for your Free iPod to come[edit]

Step 4

Now that you've done everything required (ie. you signed up via the above link, did your offer and got credit, and got the required referrals and they got all signed up), your account will be verified for any cases of fraud. If you legitimately tried to complete the site and did not scam them in any way, you will be guaranteed a Free iPod!

Still haven't got your free iPod? You know - the verification process is quite tedious and may take up to 5,000 days to get everything through. Maybe you have even made a few typos in your personal information and lost your opportunity to get your gift. Anyway, just sit tight and wait for the good news to come. If it doesn't come-don't worry, call Apple - they probably know all about the free ipod give-aways.

General Tips...[edit]

  1. Create a new email account, preferably at GMail. Since they only allow signups by invite, post a comment and I'll give you one ... Free! (Actually, you can get an invitation code simply using your own mobile phone, but only mine can guarantee your Free iPod.)
  2. Last but definitely not the least, if you have questions or concerns about this system, please post a comment and I'll answer it right away!

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