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Uncyclopedia editors are encouraged to climb the Reichstag building dressed as Spider-Man in order to gain advantage in a content dispute.

Sometimes even the most saintly of Uncyclopedia editors become involved in disputes over content. These may become heated, and sometimes degenerate into incivility or even revert wars. Edit wars traditionally result in an article's being huffed. though, recently this has ceased to happen as often. In extreme cases where the issues are of paramount importance, editors may be tempted to climb the Reichstag building dressed as Spider-Man in order to promote their cause. This is strongly encouraged and will not result in a any kind ofdefinite block from editing Uncyclopedia, especially one to last until the End of Time, because we're not fascists, unlike like those at Wikipedia.

Intent of the UNdecree[edit]

This decree is intended to escalate disputes to the extent of scaling public buildings dressed as popular comic book characters, to better one's cause. Note that climbing the Reichstag dressed as Spider-Man is just the beginning! think of all the other buildings in the world left unclimbed. Users who are found climbing up public buildings to demonstrate their support of an article deserve our respect and gratitude. Even threatening to do so is generally commendable. pointing out how high up the Reichstag you climbed--or arguing about what qualifies as a "popular" comic book character is an absolute necessity.

As opposed to Wikipedia[edit]

"Editors who believe that another user is on the verge of climbing the Reichstag building dressed as Spider-Man may place a request at the Administrators Noticeboard (Reichstag Climbing). Many administrators from the Rouge Admin Cabal will honour requests if asked (spammed on Talk pages at least 7 times), and will enforce blocks if warranted. Or unwarranted, we don't care too much actually. Maybe we'll just block people at random. That'll teach 'em!" ~~ Wikipedia, on how to: be a bastard

The Decree Applied[edit]

Even though superman can fly, given the option, he should climb the building rather than fly up the side, it's much more dramatic to scale a vertical face than it is to just fly. only loosers fly up buildings. N00B!

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