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This is a personalized guide to surviving the business (and political) world, using a secret, highly developed technique known as Blaming Your Predecessor as written by Charles Darwin’s mentally challenged second cousin! Now that you've purchased this guide (or found it illegally on the internet and legally downloaded it), you too, can discover this highly successful secret for yourself and him!

Here is a man, who has mastered the ability to blame his predecessor. Or is it just his predecessor who mastered incompetence and he who has accountable perception. A wise frog once told me “Is at hadda tingy wiff ubber that, fer sure“, totally wise frog.
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Chapter 1[edit]

Now That You're In Charge[edit]

So you've found a way to become the president of your company. The man in charge. The big cheese. What's the first thing you need to do (other than charge tons of import cheese to your company account)? Blame your predecessor, of course. Every problem that you could possibly encounter is the fault of the person who preceded you (or that immigrant janitor). Anything that's wrong is his fault, you'll never have to be accountable for your own actions.

Chapter 2[edit]

The Problem[edit]

So you've got a problem, do you? No problem. What is it? Building not up to code? Code not building up? You've been caught embezzling? Giant mutant pandas attacking? Kool. There's a solution to this and many more problems. It involves, you guessed it, blaming your predecessor. If anyone asks you what're you're doing with a trunk full of money, you just tell them, “It‘s just a bunch of friggan Canadian pennies, gosh.” If they find a few gigatons of bailout receipts for thieving bankers, pleasantly inform them “the previous administration left it here, and I'm just cleaning up their mess.” Smile and give them a thumbs up, two thumbs (three if you got‘m). If you do it right, you'll have them eating out of your hands, so don‘t do that right because what you are really looking for is their tongs licking your browneye.

Chapter 3[edit]

The Wise Guy[edit]

Uh oh! Bob in accounting is wising up to your excuses. What ever do you do? Relax, have a warm bowl of Spaghetti-O’s. This one is a toughie, you didn‘t cook them long enough, reheat. Take Bob aside and explain to him how all the reckless spending, and unethical research, are all byproducts of the last guy in charge. Make sure you made enough Spaghetti-O’s to share with him. If he points out that you've already been in control of your company for half a year and spending has increased tenfold since then, explain to him that the spending is just a way to fix all the problems caused by your predecessor. Also point out that income has increased forty-fold in the last three months. If he asks how sucking the stockholders dry will save the company, hit him over the head with a brick, your sex life is your own private concern and that fuck shouldn‘t have been watching your house.

Chapter 4[edit]

The Cover Up[edit]

So you've got a body on your hands, eh? Not the sexy love goddess you’ve been dreaming of since you were twelve. Well then, hire a Mexican guy and have him bury the body somewhere in Central Park. When people at your company ask what happened to Bob, say, “I dunno. He really liked the Spaghetti-O’s I shared with him, sorry not enough left for you.“ Should they complain you just tell them that due to your predecessor's untrimmed budget, you didn't have enough money to keep Bob or them on the payroll, and you had to let him go, and they should pack their person belongings as well. As they exit the building drop Spaghetti-O’s from the upper windows onto them, laughing loudly.

Chapter 5[edit]

The Police Are Coming[edit]

You wake up one morning to find the police knocking on your door. Apparently they found the body of a employee buried in Central Park. Explain to them that you know nothing about the body. If the police refuse to leave, tell them you heard a rumor about your predecessor killing employees to compensate for the fact that he has a small penis.

Chapter 6[edit]

So You've Ruined Your Company[edit]

So you're driven your company into the ground and you're about to enter chapter 11? When the stockholders and employees come after you with pitchforks, you just tell them that you did your best to save the company, after your predecessor completely obliterated it. You did your best, unfortunately that wasn't good enough. If they believe you, then you've successfully blamed your predecessor multiple times. If not read on.

Chapter 7[edit]

Welcome to Hell[edit]

So now you're in hell are you? When the devil comes to torture your soul for the next hundred years. Gently remind him, that nothing that happened up on Earth was your fault. If the devil refuses to listen, and or knows the truth about what you've done, get comfy, because this is going to be your new home for a long time.