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Hey Arnold! is a '90s–'00s American animated television series that ran on Nickelodeon. It dealt with Arnold, a kind-hearted grade-schooler who had to fight to survive in the ghettos of Hillwood, Washington.



The show center on Arnold. At age nine, Arnold takes the subway, walks to school, skips school, goes the the other side of town, and kidnaps giant sea turtles. Some may think, "Wow! What an adventurous little boy," but I think, "What is this world coming to."

Arnold at his initiation into "the club"

Arnold lives in the Sunset Arms boarding home, with his eccentric grandparents Phil and Gertrude who supplies him and his group with trebuchets. In the boarding house are several old men, who often sneak into his room in the middle of the night to steal his stuff.


  • Arnold Shortman – A kind young boy who is basically the reincarnation of Jesus, in that all his friends go to him for help. His parents were lost in a jungle adventure. Arnold has no last name; there were a few episodes in which his last name was almost revealed, but it would've been too shocking for young viewers.
  • Helga Pataki – A hard-shelled girl known for her prominent unibrow. Helga likes to go out in dark alleyways and beat up kids for lunch money, and rob the Jolly Olly Man. For whatever reason, she is often seen dressing up as pieces of meat or milk cartons.
  • Gerald Johansen – Arnold's best friend, a token black kid who is often is found passed out the subway. His hairdo is shaped like a hedge, and it is approximatley 10-ft. tall. He tried to grow an afro, but it ended up sort of, well, rectangular. His brother is an all-star baseball player, who is commonly assosiated with Mickey Rooney, another oddball on the show.
  • Pheobe Higher-Than-Ya'll – A timid nerd girl with glasses.
  • Rhonda-Little Richie – An arrogant rich girl.
  • Harold Fatass-A boy whose morbidly obese and whose farts shake the entire neighborhood.


The show was created by That Guy Who Was Matt Groening's Brother, and based on his clay animation shorts.

The show currently does NOT air at 6 am on the nicktoons channel, it only airs when it feels like it and on Christmas.

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