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“I did it just for the halibut.”

~ Oscar Wilde on halibut

The halibuts are maybe the ugliest and meaniest alien races living on earth. They are underwater creatures, living mostly in the Canadian Sea, however they have been found as far west as Oklahoma City. They got big eyes and they're flat, just like Twiggy.

Eric The Fish, a Well Known Halibut[edit]

The most well known halibut is Eric The Fish, who was friend of Eric The Dog, Eric The Cat, Eric The Fruitbat and Eric The Half-A-bee. Eric The Fish was the queen of Canada during the 1970s.

Halibuts Are Smart[edit]

Halibuts may look stupid, but in fact they are very smart creatures. Maybe not smart enough to read or write, but perhaps smart enough to NOT read and write. Halibut cultures are maybe the greatest and most complicated on Earth, if you exclude ants, bees, beekeepers, penguins, and halibut. Some people say that the Halibuts built the pyramids, but you know how people are. That's right. Stupid.

History of the Halibut[edit]

The Holy Bible tells that Adam and Eve were actually halibuts, and Noah only saved Halibuts during the Great Deluge. Early dinosaur halibuts were made extinct that way.

Some say that Cthulhu is actually a gigantic Halibut, waiting for the Halibuts to take over the world. People, again. Unless they're scientists, you might as well ignore all of them.

Psychology of the Halibut[edit]

There are innovative, liberal halibuts and conservative group of halibuts. The innovative, liberal group is planning to take over the world. The conservative group is building a spaceship to leave this planet, but so far none of them want to contribute any money to the project.

Halibut City[edit]

Atlantis is the biggest Halibut city under the water. Cthulhu lives in Atlantis, too, which is further evidence of the monster race's connection with the flat, fishy people. There is some evidence that hurricane Katrina was made by halibuts to sink New Orleans, so that halibuts can spread their colony to there.


This multinational corporation is a front for all halibut terrorist activities on Earth.