Game:The Great Quest for the Magic Taco

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 The Great Quest for the Magic Taco Score: {{{2}}} Moves: {{{3}}}

C:\> The Great Quest for the Magic Taco_

You are are a kitten with a sword.

Hello, you must be the young adventurer sent to save the princess aren't you?
> Uhhh... I guess?

Before you go I need to tell you a story so you know what is happening. It was a long time ago when an insane mexican man created a taco infused with his dark powers. Nobody would eat it because it reeked of deep fried banannas. It was passed down to his great grandson shortly before he died. This grandson used the taco for evil and took over the kingdom. The king was killed and the queen locked in the dungeon. The princess Rosemary escaped and started a new kingdom. Recently the evil grandson Pikachu has kidnapped the princess and imprisoned her in the Taco.
> Where is the taco?

The mapmaker has been tortured to death and the last known map of the continent has been ripped into 10 pieces and scattered across the land.
> Oh, that's very helpful.

Shut up.

It is wintertime. The town is white with snow and you feel cold. There is a weapons shop to the north and a trail to the east.