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What Is Delirium?[edit]

Delirium is a mutation of madness, brought upon by sickness, delusion or drugs (sometimes all three) - it is also an altered state of being and can be viewed as a spiritual experience of deep significance if you are a New Age thinker.

in ancient times Delirium was seen as a gift from our benevolent Elder-Gods


Throughout history Delirium has been equal parts feared and revered by countless societies, with some viewing it as a gift from the gods and others viewing it as demonic possession or alien invasion: in modern times science has come up with a more far-fetched theory that Delirium is caused by a common and severe neuropsychiatric syndrome.


Delirium is both a blessing and a curse to humanity, though it has been seen in almost all animal species and even inanimate objects such as cars and computers - even trees have been shown to exhibit Delirium, mostly be eyewitnesses who have also been suffering from Delirium and thus are the most qualified to diagnose the condition.

however in modern times science has prevailed, her we see a scientist examining Delirium on a microscopic level


Many people try to induce temporary Delirium in order to produce "highs" and "lows" - or even what some would call "trips" - use of drugs is a prime example of this, unless you are Rastafarian - in which case smoking pot is a religious experience (seriously, we're not making that one up).


On the other end of the spectrum however we have had many people throughout history try to repress Delirium, fearing that such a state of being is detrimental to the reality in which we live in - critics point out however that reality is often infinitely more fucked up than anything Delirium can produce, this doesn't stop pro-reality groups from kicking up a fuss however whenever the topic is put up for debate.

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