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Goufs are not Zakus dammit, how often do we have to tell you that?

This Category attempts to distinguish various things from the MS-06F Zaku II (Microsoft Zaku 06 Final Service Pack II), commonly known as "Zaku" to experts.

Since there is no known way for an unknowing wimp like you to accurately tell a Zaku from something that is not a Zaku! Not a Zaku! this Category has listed all things that are not Zakus! Not Zakus!

The below selection has been approved by leading Not a Zaku! Not a Zaku! experts Rambo Lol and Heine Westenfluss to be not Zakus! Not Zakus!

Do not attempt to distinguish things from Zakus by yourself. The striking resemblance of everything to Zakus can and will boggle your mind and heavily confuse you. We advise all who attempt to continue the research on things that are Not Zakus! Not Zakus! to read the deleted Uncyclopedia Article about said topic.