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New Age[edit]

In the science of Chronologomonogy, The 'New Age' was one of a series of 'Ages' by which history is reckoned. The 'Chronologomonogy of Ages' is as follows:

  • The Stone Age - When people were too stoned to do anything.
  • The Iron Age - When people finally got up off the couch and did some ironing.
  • The Middle Ages - There was still ironing to do, but a nap felt so much better. Also known as the age of Feudalism because once the stuff hung around long enough, it would get wrinkled again and so ironing became regarded, for a time, as Feudal.
  • The Space Age - Once all the ironing was done, the chief problem became where to hang everything.
  • The New Age - Permanent Press was invented, so everyone went back to getting stoned.


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