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Way back when in 1965, a young man was born by the name of Bryant Smith on January 13th of that year. He would soon grow to become ravishing young gentlemen. And in his up bringing in Rochester New York he dreamed of being a world famous boxer. He never truly achieved this goal since he only had a record of 7 wins with 5 knockouts, 18 loses (being knocked out 10 times) and 1 draw. The gods were very angry and striking him down broke off a piece of his soul.

Bryant's Broken Soul[edit]

Bryant Smith Bulgarian Basketball Player.

After part of his soul he lay in wait, for what no one is really quite sure, but he waited. Then one day in 1977, the broken part of his soul finally rejoin somewhere in the United States. He took the form of a black man, a very ugly black man, who would come to be a well known Bulgarian Basketball player. He plays for the team known as the Keravnos Strovolou as a Shooting Guard and Small Forward. He would become a well rounded player, averaging 19.9 points per game. But he was just part of the soul, a small part and is barely living, just waiting until again he is released.

The Real Bryant Smith[edit]

Then finally a many years later the bigger part of Bryant Smith's should reformed. The day was July 16th, 1990, a rather nice day in a small town in North Eastern Pennsylvania. His mother rushed to the Wilkes Barre General Hospital, he had been late due to the fact that her due date was a few days earlier. He would grow up in small town, his mother and father divorced when he was young, and he grew up living with his is mother, sister, and grandmother. Later his mother would remarry and he would gain a step-father, step-brother, and step-sister. He grew into a ravishingly good looking man, with blond locks of love. He was very intelligent and made many achievements in science, math, and other subjects at a young age. He found the Lost City of Atlantis by the time he was 12. When he was 15 he created a working time machine and traveled back and schooled Pythagoras and well as fighting with the Spartans, inspiring the graphic novel and film 300. When he was 16 he was flying to Alaska on his private jet, just as they were flying over Alaska the plane crashed and being the only survivor needed warmth after he lost all of his clothes in the crash. He saw a polar bear, jumped it, and wrestled it naked. Over powering the polar bear he was able to skin it and use its skin for clothes and flesh for meat (his later account of this inspired the show Survivor Man on Discovery Channel). The summer between his freshmen and sophomore year he had a Cultural Revolution, traveling back in time after watching the documentary No Direction Home: Bob Dylan. He went and lived for a while in the 1960's and 1970's. He got high such people as Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Syd Barrett, the members of The Who, John Lennon, Abbie Hoffman, and JFK among others. And although he is never recognized for it he inspired the putting of flowers in gun barrels during Anti-Vietnam War Protests. He will graduate from High School in the year 2009. After University he will go on a life finding journey.

Soul Finding Journey[edit]

After years of wondering why he felt so incomplete, he finally found out on his 18th Birthday that he did not have his entire soul. His life mission; he has to go to Bulgaria and find the other Bryant Smith, the basketball player, and release the other part of his soul so he can be whole again. Once he is complete again he will be able to complete his life and be godly again. For without his whole soul he can not reach his full potential and save the world from disease and be all powerful. He will rule the world with a circle of all powerful friends whom will each get a continent to rule in a complete peaceful harmony.