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One day I will read this article. But it sucks, so maybe I never will...”

~ You on this article

One day one day one day one day one day one day one day one day one day one day

~ Some gay shit of a motherfucker

One day, you will go out and realize that spending all your time on the internet is no way to get laid and/or a tan. But today is not that day.

One day, something will happen... it may be good or it may not be, but one thing is for sure: It will happen. But this event is in the future, so yeah...

One day, pigs might fly. The scientists are working on it, so hold your breath...

One day refers to one day. Monday is one day, and so is Tuesday. Wednesday never really fit in with the other days but it is near enough to one day; it has different hobbies and points of view, but let's not get into that. The other days are also one day if they are separate.

One day this article will be deleted. Maybe tomorrow. Not today, I don't think.

One day is how long a daddy fly lives. Then it dies.

One day you will finally get that joke your older brother made when you were 8

One day that was a historic one was the day Jesus was born. Yes, you guessed it... it was Christmas day! This day is historic because Jesus was a Jew. Oh, and because his mum was a virgin; crazy story, really. Jesus went on and got a "crew" of adults to walk around with him whilst he made money on the side buying cheap stock and floggin it down the market. But from his words of wisdom, a new religion was born: Christianity. See how amazing what can happen on one fateful day, all of that stuff came from one day!

Another one day event is Halloween. This is a day 1 to 11 year olds and also some 19 year old kids with no friends, walk around pretending to be scary to rob people of their sweets!! An outrage it is, but from this event, a horde of fat children were born from eating too much. This again demonstrates the power of one day...

There are some also less important one day events such as the 11th of January and 25th of June. These are not so important because some weird old people didn't make up special events on these days. They've always felt left out since.

Ummm, what else happens on one day... Oh! Hitler was born one day, somewhere, and look what he did! He got a messed up haircut and a moustasche! Oh, and killed some people some day... (I don't think Hitler liked the Jews that much.)

One day, this article will probably be a featured article... one day... I think... maybe... just...

One day the earth will explode. Or so some random scientists think - and how are we supposed to believe them?


One day was invented one day at the beginning of time. God felt that endless time was boring, and so one day invented time. And the first day was there, and it was also the first time someone could say one day about a time, or more likely "Holy fuck this isn't making sense!

Well, maybe one day you will understand. But not today. Or tomorrow. Or even for ever.


One day is probably the most common start of a story ever. It also the most boring because ANY story could start on one day, because everything happened. I think.

One Day[edit]

One day you will stop reading this article. That is today. This hour. This minute. Right now.

One day you will become bored of all the one day's being in bold.

So at the end of this we can see that one day is important, as one day is good! If we didn't have one day, we couldn't have two, and etc. So yeah, now you know the importance of one day...

Oh, and one day, we will all DIE, so yeah, that must be important, I think...