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“Strong am I with bad grammar... but not that strong.”

~ Yoda on bad grammar

“A little bad grammar is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.”

~ Oscar Wilde on bad grammar


~ John Agard on bad grammar

General Information about Bad Grammar Overlord[edit]

The title "Bad Grammar Overlord" is not to be taken lightly. It is bestowed every two hundred years upon a remarkable intergalactic grammar-wrecker, sentence-slasher, idiom-breaker or other aphasic of great merit. The distinction is lifelong, and it cannot be exchanged for money, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, Playstation 2, ipod, or partial immortality. It can be, however, exchanged for everything else. There are currently 5 433 256 Overlords around the known universe, but nobody cares who the current Bad Grammar Overlord is.

How to Become a Bad Grammar Overlord?[edit]

Becoming a Bad Grammar Overlord usually requires a lifelong abuse of English grammar, but single offences, if deemed serious enough by the Bad Grammar Board, can render a person eligible for the title. If you are interested in becoming a Bad Grammar Overlord, you should utter the following words, phrases or sentences as many times a day as possible:

  • pwned
  • Who you be?
  • where no Me go know
  • any thong your dat says
  • I already done told ya
  • Where all the white bitches at?
  • They be know where at, but it is.

Or you might as well send your application and a cheque / money order / mastercard number / table silver directly to us. Please note that Bad Grammar Overlords are selected purely according to oral output. Bad grammar or spelling in written English is not taken into account, because it it was, everyone would be a Bad Grammar Overlord and the title would soon lose its significance. Get it?

Benefits of Being a Bad Grammar Overlord[edit]

A permission is granted to every Bad Grammar Overlord to wear a uniform covered in bad grammar text. The Overlord may not remove the uniform at any time, except when taking a shower. A weapon of free choice is also provided, and the most popular aid in enforcing the use of bad grammar has for many years been a baseball bat. Other benefits of Bad Grammar Overlord include a special permission to behave badly in public and to urinate on the floors of public restrooms. Every Overlord must take an oath to spread the knowledge on Bad English and Bad Grammar throughout the known universe.

Famous Bad Grammar Overlords of the Past[edit]

Overlord #25: Yoda

Overlord #155: Oscar Wilde

Overlord #156: James Joyce

Overlord #490: Hubert Selby Jr.

Overlord #500: John Agard

Overlord #605: George Bush Jr.