William Blake

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Blake seen here, probably about to make some attack on those "Who fail at meekness".

“I never really knew the guy
but had heard of his wit.
Though what immortal hand or eye
Could write such fearful shit?”

~ Oscar Wilde

Blake Stow(28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827) Was a British Romanticist Poet Painter & Pioneering Pornographer; undervalu'd during his Life Time his Work is considered to be some of the most Original and Hallucinogenic ever produc'd. He is however renown'd for his hatred of commas & for taking delight in using ampersands & Whimsically Capitalising Random words.

Blake drew upon religious metaphysical & literary Themes To make strong points with both his Works of Art & his moving Prose and Poesy. Among his many Topics were the comparative merits of Truth vs. Dishonesty. He often challeng'd his readers to think About the quality of The work they do in their own lives. Failing to penetrate the waggish Exterior of his work they did not see the deeper Meaning within; the details of which are still up for debate.

Blake's tendency to roame the chartered streets of London town in but boots and rags came to be well known in the Whitechapel district of London. Records show that he was often prone to launching his own excrement, his self-styled 'God pellets', at those entering and leaving churches in the surrounding Areas.

Blake stow as a Pornographer stood out From his Contemporaries in that he was the only Pornographer in England at the time & had no Contemporaries. With the Beginning of the Industrial Revolution Masturbation Rates amongst English gentry were Inflating (among other things) & Blake was therefore a very busy man. Nonetheless he managed well enow to Have plenty of time to Paint compose poetry & bang his sterile Wife.

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