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This article was helpfully provided in case YOU, yes you, are wondering why you should bother to vote on VFH, or perhaps wondering what, indeed, VFH is.

What VFH Is

VFH is an abbreviation for Votes for Highlight. No, we don't mean highlighting with a highlighter marker. And we certainly do not mean Moonlighting, though that was an enjoyable television show while it lasted, a long, long, time ago, and moonlight is a great time to meet with your significant other. By highlight, we mean to feature it on the main page. And by vote, we mean voting by Uncyclopedians and visitors to the site. Yes, even if you are not logged into Fandom Uncyclopedia, you can still cast your vote on VFH, although it will only count for half a point. But half a point is still better than no point at all, unless you are a half-empty type, in which case, simply click on the person icon on the upper right of your screen, and select Sign In or Sign Up. Then you will get a full vote.

How to vote on VFH

Perhaps you have not voted on VFH because you did not understand how to vote. First, go to this page: Uncyclopedia:VFH/summary. Next, click next to the article you want to vote for, on the link that says vote in blue. Now, you will see a template that you will edit to place your vote. Look for the line in the template that says fornumber= and the line in the template that says againstnumber=. Once you have located these lines, you are ready to vote. If you want to vote for the article, type #{{For}}~~~~ at the bottom of the lines under the fornumber= but before the againstnumber= line. If you want to vote against the article, type #{{Against}}~~~~ after the line that reads againstnumber= but before the line that says comments=. You can now preview your changes, and you will see your vote. Now save your changes.

Now you no longer have the excuse that you do not know how to vote on VFH as a reason not to vote on VFH.

The Main Page Needs You

Bang your article's drum

If you still do not understand why you should vote on VFH, read on. If you have ever seen an empty section on the Main Page when accessing Uncyclopedia, or a section filled with code that mentioned DPL, it is usually because there were not enough votes on VFH. That's right, the Main Page has a hole in its heart, and only YOU can fill it. Please don't leave the Main Page broken-hearted, vote on VFH.

Someone Else Will Not do it For You

Only YOU know what you want to see on our Main Page. Nobody else can represent you the way YOU can. Nobody else is going to have the same opinions that you do. And, contrary to popular belief, we do actually care about your opinion. A vote for an article is like clicking "Like" on that article. A vote against an article is like scrolling past it on your social media feed and ignoring it. And, unlike the general political elections in the United States in November, you do not need to be 18 to cast your vote.

It Encourages Better Articles (and Better Features) on Uncyclopedia

If you have ever spent more than fifteen minutes writing at one time, you want credit for that time. Uncyclopedia article writers are no different. They take the trouble of spending hours of time on one article on the hope that their article will be featured. When nobody cares if articles are featured, the incentive to write new, better articles goes away. Help motivate our writers - Vote today!

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