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Well. I'm just wondering to myself. The people they always say, "Things Change" Yet when I see it. It remains the same. I still see the street the way it is. The lamps where they used to be, and look. There's also the same guy on the billboard who has appeared since 1999. The only things I've seen changed are the new looks. Everyone looks the same, feels the same, and acts the same. So if everything feels, the same, looks the same and acts the same. Tell me, why do things remain the same? Why can't things ever change around here?

...Or anywhere else either[edit]

Perhaps the famous french philosopher Voltaire said it best: "Moins que change, plus le meme chose."

Look at it[edit]

Los Angeles. In 1970, it was brand spanking new with all those buildings and stuff. In 1980. Something new came along but everything still remained the same. In the 1990s we see some new stuff but do things remain the same... Yes!. Now it's the year 2000 and things look the same as ever, hell even the street signs haven't changed. What is it with cities not changing, why do the buildings remain the same. I mean come on, the Chrysler building needs a new look now and then. Yet they haven't changed it. Since 9/11 came, I'm glad those two towers are gone. The city seriously needed some change. And with San Francisco. Whens that bridge ever going to change, is it ever going to get repainted, is it ever going to change at all?

If you look at it, almost every major city has remained the same since the beginning of time. Even Chicago, hell they could be using 18th century technology as we speak. Using hammers made out of stone, baning, clanking, producing cars using ancient material. Hell even the buildings could use some redecoration, maybe they should at least add some color to it. Major cities are lacking in color, maybe adding some will make the city more pleasing. I mean color is obviously the way to do in changing the city. It makes the city vibrant and fun to look at, bringing change.

What about the food you ask?[edit]

The food supposedly remains the same. I asked for pancakes 10 years ago and I got them. They were good. I asked for them 10 years later, I ate them, they were still good. And that's the problem. Why doesn't food change, why does the taste of food remain the same? I mean the taste is supposed to change right. It's supposed to change by the age, the flavor and the type. Yet beef tastes the same, milk tastes the same, hell even the walls taste the same. Why can't food change. Why can't there be some innovation that let's the food change?

Cause there isn't any that can let the food change, the food stays the way it is because of the natural law. I hate the natural law. I want something different. Something that's enjoyable like say I don't know a cow lobster hybrid. Cause that would be cool if we could merge a cow with a lobster. And it would also be cool if we had blueberry milk instead of the regular milk. Why can't scientists just make hybrids of stuff. Why don't they try something new. Cause I'm tired of tasting the same old thing for the same old days, my life needs variety damnit. Why can't I get variety anymore?

And the people[edit]

They're always the same. Going like Hey, how you doing and I just respond back. Hi, nothing much. I've been saying that for the last 300 times and I can't seem to stop saying it. It's just so routine how they act. Asking them about their days and such. Why can't we just do it differently. Why can't I just say. Hi'ya, how you doing. And expect a crazy response. I want life to be way more exciting then boring and how can we do that, if our lives are so damn boring I could just fall asleep. I don't know but something needs to be done.

There should be a law where people are forced to be different and dress differently. Yeah, that's it. And I'll enforce that law, make sure that everyone dresses differently and acts differently. Cause I'm tired of commonness. We need less commonness in our lives and more variety, and I'm the guy to make that happen. I written this entire article on why things remain the same. Maybe I could control the whole world to be different. Yeah. Maybe I'll overtake the position of the US President and force the whole world to change.


Maybe then I'll get a little respect here, and a little change here. Change will happen. I don't want things to remain the same, I want things to change. And this is the time to do it. Change. Is. Now!