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Scientists digging in hope of finding waterproof.

Waterproof (also known as the proof of water) is one of the three major unaccomplishments of science. It is the name given to the proof that continues to elude scientists of the existence of a fabled substance called water.

The Theory of Water[edit]

Scientists can only speculate about water. Though they have never discovered proof of its existence, they are sure it must exist because the anatomy of the human body shows signs that it can use a substance consisting of two hydrogen atoms bonded with one oxygen atom. The abbreviation of such a substance is H2O, but because so many of them are unable to read, they pronounced the abbreviation "water".

The State of Water[edit]

Scientists have long argued what the state of water is. Some believe that it is the only perpetual solid, a solid which can never be melted. Some say it is the unknown substance that makes up outer space. Others still argue that it is the undetectable dark matter that accounts for all the extra gravity in the universe. Some are even crazy enough to suggest it to be a liquid. Others deny all of this and say that it might be its own state exclusively for water. Some are also inclined to argue that it is, in fact, Wisconsin.

Suspected Properties of Water[edit]

  • It may give immortality.
  • It may kill you.
  • A single drop could be enough to poison an entire town's H2O supply.
  • It may taste sweet and sour, or like nothing at all, or even salty (only if mixed with iodized salt).
  • A single drink will keep you drunk for the rest of your life, though your blood-alcohol content will still test zero.

The Other Two Unaccomplishments of Science[edit]

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