V for Veganism

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Why do I hide my face?

“In view, vicenary Vorderwald variety vache, viable valley vagabonds on viage to the vile villainy of veal…vicelet, I am the valorous vigilante vanguarding the very livelihood of these livestock”

~ V

V for Veganism is my story. People think they understand my plight. Some have taken it to be political commentary on Fascism in the United Kingdom; and others think it has something to do with a hacker organisation. But they've gotten it all wrong. No doubt Norsefire had something to do with it: they control the media. Who controls the past, controls the future. And, as a friend of mine would say, "Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up". So I shall start with what is widely believed.

My story[edit]

The story you know[edit]

There were comics first – I prefer to think of them as "zines" – but I shall recap the 2005 film:[1] the story arc follows my good friend Evey Hammond as she comes to realize there is something very wrong with the government of London, a climate of fear created by the oppressive regime Norsefire, that rose to power when people were most afraid. That much is true.

She meets me, the masked dissident, and rethinks patriotism as allegiance to Britain, not to despots. She discovers that inhumane experiments took place – unthinkable ones – that had to be lived in order to be believed.

But that's not the whole story.

The story I know[edit]

V for Vendetta graffiti…
…Veganism graffiti

“Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the gunpowder, treason and plot…”

~ V

“So it goes”

~ Kurt Vonnegut on Slaughterhouse-Five

I owe my cognomen to having been the fifth experiment, as a nod to a particular event that took place on 5 November 1605, and of course to my cause. Am I a hero? Am I a villain? I'll leave that for you to decide.

Regardless, I'm here to fight. And I make a plea for the blood to stop! A plea for Text scrawled in blood: ANIMAL LIBERATION.

I want to show you[edit]

If you dare, look upon my face. They have changed me. They have changed me.

Though I am hideous, gaze upon my monstrous form to understand what words cannot say.

Are you perfectly sure you'd rather not go on unaware?

Are you certain?

Well then…

…sorry, trouble with the mask…

…almost have it…

Unmasked. Shocking, isn't it?

I am a bovine (cow if you prefer the vernacular). Had you expected a human underneath my exterior? No—I was the cattle in experiment V. I wear the mask, so I may be judged by my words and deeds and not by my appearances.

The experiments they performed on me were to test the St. Mary's virus. Animal testing. Many died, but I had the curious reaction of becoming superintelligent. I called myself V upon becoming self-aware, appropriating the symbol written over slaughterhouse stall five. How ironic that I stand against the system which created me, using the powers given to me? But no matter. My only hope is that I make the world safe for all calves, that they do not have to suffer the same fate.

Tell me, do you like moo-sic, Mr. Finch?


  1. It's no Count of Monte Cristo, but I approve of Hugo Weaving portraying me; an American would have been too…American.

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