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Booby trap (plural Booby traps)

  1. Alternate descriptor for brassiere, used as a complaint when the referred to brassiere is particularly constricting.
  2. A lacy little number intended to capture the libidinous attentions of a gent. Often the very tight brassiere is attention grabbing precisely because of its tightness.
  3. A sneaky trap set up to damage a soldier unexpectedly, calculated to resemble the female bosom. The basic trap design depended on an soldier's tendency to reach out and touch some part of a breast when seen in the dark. The trap would look like a breast, the love-starved soldier would come across the breast as he squirmed along a trench or through a newly discovered former German dugout. The soldier would see the dim outline or shape of a breast lurking in the darkness, instinctively reach out to explore the matter further and KABOOM. Many times the soldiers further back from the explosion would report that the last words they heard the deceased say were variations of, "Oh look a booby......."
  4. In English slang a *boob* is an *idiot*, a *stupido*, a person more than one sandwich short of a picnic. Verilowdmowth claims that only the most stupid Englishman would ever be tricked into blowing himself up and that the average soldiers started calling the traps set by the Germans *boob traps* because only the platoon *boob* was ever tricked by these kind of traps. Lord 'mowth has never managed to explain how the *y* got added to *boob* in the phrase. Without this vital explanation his theory falls far short of credibility in any reasonable mind (which his is obviously not).
  5. Historically, men across the globe have been primarily in search of one thang. To get their dangalang in some pootang, mane. A booby trap is kinda like a booty trap. It's a complex ploy, devised by a member of the male species, to get some.
  6. Marriage.