UnPoetia:Holiday Love

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Every guy is opening that up. Every guy but me... Virgin Mary my ass.
It's her birthday, birthday,
She told me, to go away,
Invited her ex she still loves
Over for sex with no glove,
She's gonna get pregnant! (Da da da dah, ba!)
She's gonna get pregnant (Dah da duh dah, da!)
And tomorrow, tomorrow,
Another guy is gonna borrow,
Her body, to have a little fun,
Fuck her hard in the ass and glaze her buns,
She's a fucking whore! (Herpes! Chlamydia!)
She's a fucking whore! (Syphilis! Gonorrhoea!)
And even H-I-V! (She probably has AIDS!)
So why then, do I care?
If she's such a slut why do I bare,
This pain in my head, in my heart?
Why was I doomed to loneliness from the start?
It is not fair, I think God hates me,
Chemo took my hair, so I drink!
Show that bitch just what I'll do,
Go to her house with a giant boom!
Cause I stole some C4 and dynamite,
And now that bitch is gonna die tonight!



Merry Christmas, ya slut.