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27 January 2023

'And who's a clever doggie getting his own show then!?'

LOS ANGELES, California -- Exiled Prince Harry has confirmed that his next Netflix show is to involve his one dog in the famous fight with his brother Prince William and the resultant carnage on the kitchen floor.

Speaking from his California hideway, Prince Harry said his dog Guy will tell how the nasty William broke his food bowl.

"It will be a re-telling of my fight with Prince William from a dog's point of view — well, mine, to be exact. How my brother stormed into the house I was living at and tried to bully me into accepting press harassment as part of my royal duties. This will be Guy's story, though I will direct and narrate it."

The shocking story that appeared in Prince Harry's tell-a-lot-of-stuff first novel Spare will feature a lot of child-friendly enhancements. What these exactly are is not clear, but it's Harry, so it would be very 'wizzo'.

"My dog's story has to be told too. My life isn't just about me but everyone who has stood by my side as I face an alliance of paparazzi and Taliban to rob me of my innocence. And the dog got hurt too!"

The film, which has the working title, It's a Royal Dog's Life, is set for release in early 2024.