UnNews:Man's Fists Now Declared Lethal Weapons.

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Man's Fists Now Declared Lethal Weapons. UnNews Logo Potato.png

13 August 2008

IN A GALAXY,Far Far Away In a shocking turn of events, a man's hands were now declared lethal weapons to not be used on anyone, by punishment of law. When asked what the man had to say about this, he replied with this.

""I've yet to understand why my hands are now lethal, that guy's been doing it for years, and just now I get shit for it?" "This is a question of ethics, people, the Dark Side ain't that bad." "You get lightning, an awsome cape, and yellow eyes to make enemys go away!" "Come on people, the Judge and Jury are RIGGED!" "The're all just some Jedi, a couple of people I fried,not one of my peers! NOT ONE!""

Of course, this had nothing to due with the current case. The Jedi had something to say about this, of course, the pompuse arrogant bastards. "We're just glad we've got a hand-I mean a good say in this, because without us, the Galaxy would fall into chaos!" Talk of corruption and bribery have been called in on this case, but the people who told these arrogant lies have been silenced, just like God would have wanted.

But all was not lost for the man in question.

"The Jury actually disappeared one day, and they never returned, right before my hands were to be sealed in a cement block!""I wonder how that happened?" "Of course, I've got no hand in this, if that's what your thinking, and don't, if you know what's in the cealing."

The Man Currently In Question


None, Because I killed them.