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Little Miss Muffet finds spider in her ear UnNews Logo Potato.png

4 November 2014

Little Miss Katie Melua-Muffet.

LONDON, United Kingdom -- Little Miss Katie Melua-Muffet was rushed to hospital after a small spider landed inside her ear. The curly haired songstress was eating and composing songs on her guitar with her eyes closed when the distressing incident occurred.

Miss Melua-Muffet is best known for her songs like 'Nine Million Curds', 'It's Only Whey' and 'The Closest Thing to Tuffets' and recently married to the Ring Ding Ding Crazy Frog. Katie says she was minding her own business on composing when she started to hear an angry arachnid banging on her ear drum.

Miss Melua-Muffet said:

"At first I hadn't realised it was a spider until I felt it shouting about my song 'spider's web'. The spider said it had downloaded the tune in the belief my song was in praise of the horrid things. I said it was metaphorical but the spider refused to budge. So I called up the hospital and they removed it, one leg at a time."

The Fairytale Police have sealed off the spider-attack scene of the incident with magical dust and will make a thorough photo fit of all known arachnids to see if there is any link to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Katie Melua-Muffet, who is originally from Georgia, is a known critic of Putin. The goblin police say the ear-loving creepy-crawly was probably linked with Boris the Spider.

This accusation has brought an angry riposte from a big, spherically challenged angry spider.

"This is anti-insect animalism. We intend to spin thick cobwebs round Miss Melua-Muffet's house until further notice."