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9 August 2013

Lady Gaga is picking up messages from Deep Space.


Diminutive Pop Diva Lady Gaga has officially lost the plot with the release of her new video Tats, Baps and Nude Volleyball. Going further than Madonna and Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga appears in a video to promote an esoteric physical health and mental fitness regime known as the Abramovic Method. Gaga is seen in the video cavorting naked in a meadow and playing piggyback with her invisible friend.

The release of the video has brought Gaga the usual press coverage which questions her sanity and whether her fans will be appalled or turned on seeing her in various unerotic poses. Some unfair critics see it as an act of desperation by Gaga and that like Madonna were her infamous book Sex, Gaga has basically lost the plot.

Speaking to her fans via Twitter, Gaga defended her decision to appear in the video:

"I am not acting kooky for commercial reasons. I am really kooky without any inhibitions. So what I see in the bathroom everyday is now yours to share too. I am so thrilled to receive this exposure!"

The video is directed by Gaga's friend Marina Abramovic. The Serbian born artist is a one-woman art installation exhibit and has appeared in various galleries as an exhibit. Now Gaga has joined her in the moving freak show.

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